Article Writing and Why People Fail at it

Posted on November 15th, 2011. Written by Jordan.

Anyone can tackle article writing and post the content on a website. The problem is for many people is that it’s time-consuming and they unknowingly do it wrongly. There is a skill of writing content for the Internet that people find difficult to achieve. It takes time to learn the cues about search engine optimisation and what people want when they read content online. It’s not just spewing out a load of words and hoping that the search engines will pick it up.

People fail at Keywords
Keyword placement and keyword density is one area that many people fail at appeasing the search engine spiders. Too many people get hung up on density, though, as there are many conflicting reports about what is right and wrong about the number of times you use the keyword. In this blog post, for example, the keyword is article writing and it’s being used sparingly throughout. But, it’s the placement of the keyword that really matters.

Search engine spiders ‘read’ text and work out what keywords the particular article should ‘rank’ for. This means that at the beginning of the article you need to have the keyword, and using italic or bold on the term article writing also shows the spiders that this is the important phrase that we’re trying to make stand out.

Another point to note is that if you’re developing a website there are lots of areas to think about and unless you’re an expert in all aspects, you’ll be spreading yourself too thinly. If you step-back, work out what you prefer to do and what you could benefit from outsourcing then your site will not only gain ground faster but as you’re outsourcing to experts in their own niche, you are bringing together experience and knowledge from extraneous sources that will work at helping you bring your site up to the first page of Google and other search engines. Article writing isn’t for everyone, so don’t try it yourself unless you have lots of experience and have the time to throw at it.

When you start your website, you need keyword research completed and set an article writer off on writing the content. That means that you can focus on having the design and layout of the site perfected. If this isn’t your area of expertise, then outsource that also. The beauty about outsourcing article writing out is that if you’re from the USA and are targeting British customers, for example, then you can call upon British English writers to can write the content. Of course, American English is so similar to UK English but there are slight differences, colloquialisms and slang-terms that will appeal to the intended customers compared to that of a US writer.

Unique Content
One last point about article writing is that search engines, particularly Google, loves unique content. If you copy and paste content from the web, the chances of having your site penalised is very likely and after Google’s Panda update, scraper sites and data feed sites have been losing traffic by the bucket-load since. If you want you site to succeed and want to spend more time in promoting the site, then outsource the article writing to an expert SEO content writer.

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