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Posted on December 9th, 2011. Written by Suhail.

Many amateur web owners make the mistake of underestimating the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For instance, even I know that the procedure involves improving a website’s online visibility in order for it to accumulate more Internet traffic. You may also know that it allows you to place your site on the first page of search engine results if it’s done properly or by professional SEO experts via organic methods.

You see website that has been optimized like this has better chances of attracting relevant users. However, there are several black hat techniques that can undermine the authenticity and quality of your site if they are used. Using white hat SEO techniques can help you avoid bogus techniques.

What is White Hat SEO?

Simply put, an SEO method is considered white hat if it follows proper and authentic search engine guidelines and does not depend on deceptive tactics. However, you will probably not find a proper guide on search engine rules if you search the net. That’s because this technique does not solely depend on strict rules and regulations. It’s about making sure that the content on the website present in the search engine indexes can actually be accessed by online users.

In other words, this technique is used to ensure that the content can actually be detected by search engine spiders rather than trick the algorithm. One of the techniques involved are:

Reciprocal Linking

This SEO technique involves exchanging relevant links with other website owners or web masters in order to collect incoming links to your own site. Their value is not as great as it was a few years back, but they still have a place as an effective white hat SEO technique.

If you plan on using this method, then you need to do it very carefully. Exchange links with the websites that are related to the content on your own site for one thing. If your visitors turn away from your site because it failed to capture their interest then you will have only yourself to blame. Unfortunately, many inexperienced web owners end up making this mistake on their first SEO attempt. To avoid this fiasco, link to sites that are related to your site’s niche and stay away from penalized websites and industries!

How SEOclerks.com can help

If you still prefer to let a professional handle the job for you, then SeoClerks.com is your best bet on getting the right person for the job. Some of the SEO jobs on offer can really make your site take off on a favorable footing. Some services on offer include backlinking your website to relevant ones that can attract more traffic towards your site. Submitting inbound links to RSS feeds to place your online presence on the map is also one of the services on offer. Besides these, some SEO experts on SeoClerks.com also offer a full report after each job is completed.

It’s better to leave this to the professionals. Adding irrelevant comments to your blog for instance can put off visitors enough that they never come back! A professional SEO expert can help you avoid that scenario.

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  1. are there any other jobs other than SEO? are there better SEO gig here than fiverr?

    • With Fiverr, you are limited to $5 gigs so you get $5 worth of work. Quality SEO takes a lot of time and is often much more than $5. To answer your question, yes, the SEO Gigs here are better and SEOClerks only supports SEO/Webmaster gigs.

  2. With recent search updates I think link exchanges, even relevant links is no help for SEO. It might help for referral traffic but Google doesn’t give it much weight anymore. I do agree we need to use caution when dealing with unrelated backlinks. BTW, I like the idea of a Fiverr style site for SEO gigs, very cool.

  3. This is a very useful post. That is exactly why I only use relevant sites when I’m building links to my sites. I think a visitor from a relevant site will be more interested in my offerings than one from an irrelevant site.