Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic – Which one is the best?

Posted on January 22nd, 2012. Written by Suhail.

Driving traffic to your website is getting challenging by every passing day. Whether you should use organic traffic generation strategies or paid traffic generation strategies, bringing people to your website, is a core web marketing decision.  Both ways are significant however, you must know how to best use them in order to derive attention of anticipated search engine and to achieve long term business results.

Analyze different options and take one that suits your business requirement the best. Here are a few pros and cons of using organic SEO and paid traffic:

Benefits of Paid Traffic Generation Strategies – Generating traffic for your website using paid methods like PPC can bring instant results. This approach is also easy to implement due to its simplicity. You simply launch PPC at your website and start getting results without delay. Brand new websites that are yet to gain a favorable reputation and rankings in search engines can specifically benefit from this method.

Drawbacks of Paid Traffic Generation Strategies– Paid traffic generation programs may prove costlier in the long run. With paid traffic generation, your campaign costs will keep on growing as more websites are launched in your niche. Besides this, you may not get highly targeted traffic through this approach. In PPC, whether your visitors are your targeted audience or not, you will be paying for each click they make irrespective of this fact.

Benefits of Organic Traffic Generation Strategies – Getting organic traffic using SEO approach is the best method when you are looking for long term results.  Although, this method takes more time to generate traffic and improve search engine rankings, the investment is worth making. It involves developing an SEO strategy which is a bit complicated as compared to PPC, but the result it produces is long term and ensures a steady stream of traffic. Another advantage of organic SEO is low cost. Generating traffic is also easier if you have quality content on your side.

Drawbacks of Traffic Generation Strategies – Organic strategies take a long time; a successful SEO project might take from a month to six months for getting a website at the top in search results. The feedback cycle is not prompt either. You need to wait for up to three months to know the results of anything new you have tried.

Driving traffic using one approach is not very fruitful; you must use a set of tools and techniques to bring target audience to your website. Believing that PPC alone can drive good traffic is not the correct approach. You need to optimize your efforts to back your campaign. PPC is quite rewarding when it comes to earning a good sum of money in a short span, but combining both organic traffic generation and PPC or paid traffic can help you face online competition effectively.

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