18 Surefire Pointers for Successful Content Marketing

Posted on February 3rd, 2012. Written by Suhail.

Content marketing is a great way to boost your online business that won’t also cost you an arm and a leg. Following are a few vital pointers regarding content marketing.

  1. For increasing your website readership, you need to provide unique and informative content.
  2. Good quality content basically gives you a wonderful opportunity to connect with your readers, subscribers and clients, so value it and take measures to foster it.
  3. It’s always good to take a little time to think about the title you will be writing on as this actually helps you write with a clear mind and more concisely.
  4. Write content according to the objective you have in your mind. See, the content for selling a product will have to be written in a slightly different tone than the one you write only as a favor for someone or to impart information. Both possess impact, but with specific readers.
  5. The basic kinds of content are articles, blog posts, news reports, ebooks.
  6. Content doesn’t only refer to written text. It can be in the form of videos, webinars, audio recording etc.
  7. Content written for products can be written as FAQs, reviews, comparisons etc.
  8. Good, powerful content should draw images in the readers’ minds. For achieving this, writers need to take help of flowcharts, infographics, and mind-maps.
  9. A successful blueprint for organizing your content should include things like: the title, who is going to write it, the exact date of publishing the content, the place where it would be published and items it will be promoting.
  10. Effective content is the one which is not just popular with the readers, but which actually helps in boosting your business sales. What’s the use of putting in effort to write excellent content which does little in promoting your business?
  11. Make sure your content is product focused, yet at the same time, is full of information. Only informative content can push readers to make purchases after all.
  12. In case you are confused on how to write informative and relevant content, try PRL (Private Label Rights) for off the rack content.
  13. The best way to write good content is to just write, leaving aside the editing phase for a while. Edit it, once you are done with the first draft.
  14. It is good to get in touch with your readers and clients for feedback so that you could write content, fulfilling their demands.
  15. Get linked with other relevant content websites and take charge of guest posts.
  16. You can hire ghost writers to write wonderful content for your websites, if you can’t come up with unique ideas every time.
  17. Product reviews and comparisons are a great way to attract serious traffic to your website.
  18. Go for a case study by getting in touch with your customers and to get to know how their experience has been so far with you and your business.

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