How to build a social media campaign

Posted on February 29th, 2012. Written by Andrei.

I don’t know how others think, but when I hear “Social Media Campaign”, I automatically think at something complex, professional, a marketing strategy and at the most efficient mode to interact with other people online, which currently I will not name neither clients, neither potential clients, or otherwise…I name them people.

In any case, I’m not thinking at a way to collect likes, to interact abusively with other people online or to send mass spam messages. Of course, a “message” does not refer to a text message (SMS), but to a way of communication that can be done in many ways, but I will not name them now.

From my point of view, a social media campaign should be limited to three important and essential objectives simultaneously:

  1. Establish a complete marketing strategy, including promotion of the product/ online service, providing necessary assistance to people who demand more information and designing advertorials/video spots, to capture the target’s attention and interest.
  2. Try to establish a close connection, based on trust, between persons who interact and the promoted business.
  3. Establishing a foundation for determining long-term success in online. Basically, we must be aware of one thing: Surfing the Internet nowadays is not such a trivial matter as reading information. The persons concerned are able to read information found on a site or a blog, to deepen them, to express their point of view, interact with other readers, to share information with others or even rewrite information.


Curious what implies this so called “activity in online”?

First of all, old customers will always express their views, pro or con, from experience with the product or service that appealed to other potential clients. In this way, potential customers make sure that the business they will use is able to provide all the services they need.

Depending on how things in the above section work, and how “natural” is the conversation between the business itself, namely the one responsible for its activity in online, and the potential client. A strong link establishes between them, a link that helps winning the trust and a better “visibility” in the industry range. In addition, you should not forget the SEO, which automatically will be involved in the above mentioned process. Are you ready for this?

Regardless of the location where this conversation takes place, it should be monitored to ensure that you can assure in time the right support, to those interested. You can also solve potential ambiguities if you are directly involved in his discussion.

Each marketing strategy is also different and individually designed for each business, for its necessities, but all based on the following aspects: content design, determining the target audience, reviewing strategy and the content created, and, finally, advertising, which can be made using dozens of methods.


Practically, the one who is dealing with such a campaign is the voice behind the brand. And the voice must be heard. Increasing interactions will not stop showing. Recommendations will play an essential role. The discussions generated will help create content that will eventually play a role in search engines. All these eventually contributing to increasing website traffic, classified as natural, organic, relevant and ultimately beneficial.


I hope you realize that this game of words doesn’t have a place in online, and big words always imply great deeds. A social media campaign involves many factors, which eventually lead to a simple goal: Interacting with the audience. Unfortunately, this can only be achieved naturally, by itself, meaning that efforts must be colossal. Likes, Views, traffic and other statistics will remain mere statistics and nothing else, if the main objective is not achieved.

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