4 Working Tips to Generate Huge Traffic to Your Page

Posted on March 31st, 2012. Written by Suhail.

Building up a fancy website will not do you any good unless you are able to attract people to it. Online success depends greatly on the steady stream of traffic generated to a webpage. Striving for traffic requires constant and continuous efforts; one day you may be successful with one strategy while on the other day it might result in zero success. So, it is important to use more than one tool. Consider the following tips;

  1. Article posting

This is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic. All you have to do is to write a unique article containing your anchor links, and submit it to various article directories online or on various other platforms like forums, blogs and so on.

  1. Advertising through Ezine

This method is used to target a specific segment of potential customers. You will have to find ezines relevant to your business niche and submit your ad to their list of customers. This is similar to renting a list.

  1. Pay per click

This is also an effective way to generate targeted traffic to your page. Pay per click makes use of PPC advertising networks like Yahoo and Google to direct traffic to your own website. You only pay for the clicks which have been made on your ad.

  1. SEO tools

Using search engine optimization tools require some hard work and technical know-how.  It involves link building to optimize your page for the search engines. The basic objective of SEO strategies is to get your page a high ranking in the search engine results. Although, it is a complex tool, it can bring huge benefits in the form of consistent traffic. However, in order to earn through SEO you need to do it right.

The prime objective of all the tools is to generate traffic to your page because it is the criterion that determines how much you will earn through your page.

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  1. Keyword density is one thing that a lot of people have disagreements with but I personally feel that placements of a keyword is more important than keyword density but both can do wonders. Looking for a keyword to target is one thing that is a little bit harder to do than just researching for keywords.

  2. I agree that a good choice of keyword placement and density makes wonders for every article and most people fail at that – including me (good grief that I’m not writing any articles :P )

  3. I write daily for two content writing site. All of the articles require a certain keyword density to ensure proper SEO content. If you don’t have time to write the articles a content website is a great way to go. If the article does not have the specified amount of keywords required the article will not go through, so you can be guarenteed that the article will be found in the search engines.

  4. I was not aware that people read a lot of articles at places like Ezine. I had only been told to put those there for the search engine links. But, you think those articles can provide traffic in their own right?

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