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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server
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This software was written with the minimum requirements for any Microsoft Operating System. It run's on every Windows system I've ever tested it on.
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Easy Beat Calculator For Your Music You'll Miss

Study the length of notes according to a provided BPM value, with results delivered in milliseconds, hertz, or samples, also based on sample rates.

Songs arent just the pretty sounds emitted by instruments or voice, and they also have a substantial importance in how theyre technically built. There are plenty of elements to consider, such as beats per minute or rhythm. As such, Easy Beat Calculator comes with the means to help you calculate note lengths based on BPM.

Lightweight and easy to use

Although you need to go through a setup process to make the application function, its also possible to have it deployed on a thumb drive to use on the go. This is because it doesnt really bind itself to the target computer, in the sense that system registry entries are not modified to ensure functionality.

The visual design is pretty intuitive, even though it doesnt contain any particular elements to make it stand out from the crowd. Theres also a help manual to turn to when in sticky situations, but providing the necessary input value easily gives you an idea of what the provided values stand for.

Results displayed as you type

You dont need to rely on a particular audio file, but you only need to be aware of the number of beats per minute. In fact, this is mostly the input required on your behalf, and results are delivered as you type, which greatly reduces your time and effort invested in the entire operation. There are, however, several options which generate different values, depending on the selected unit of interest.

Results consist of a table filled with note measures, and provided values represent length. Units at your disposal make it possible to view the related milliseconds, hertz, or samples. Additionally, you can also choose the default sample rate, with several standard options available in a drop-down menu.




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