Version: V2

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Other

Additional Requirements


Not Included


- 3 Successful Premium Strategies

- ABT 5M 15M Indicator System

- Step by Step Guides

- 75-85% Weekly Success Rate

- News Trading Strategy

- Chart Analysis Guide

- Educational Videos and Ebooks

- Money Management Plan

- Trading Mindset Guide

- Lifetime 24/5 One on One Support

- Premium Students Chatroom

This is also a Prelaunch Payment Page for the New Razer Indicator. You will be given the Razer Indicator after its successful launch.

User Ratings

  • Thomas88
    Thomas88 3 months ago

    Alpha binary Team is the best investment i have ever made so far when it comes to Binary options. Thier packages are free from bullsh*t and is so easy to understand. I've never made consistant progress before this ,thank you ABT!

  • ToZi73
    ToZi73 4 months ago

    After several failures and empty promises, I landed at ABT. They promise nothing, but they deliver a lot and really teach everyone how to trade successful binary options. Should a question arise, you can always contact the support and it will help.

  • imocha6738
    imocha6738 4 months ago

    ABT is the best group I have joined so far. Previously I joined a lot of groups the result is not so good and a lot is a scammer!
    The Team members in ABT are also willing to share their knowledge, we earn profit together! If you want to have winning trades, you should join ABT! ABT is the best educational group and you will never regret joining them!

  • avkrishna42
    avkrishna42 4 months ago

    In my experience, AlphaBinaryTeam is one of the best service providers in Binary. I liked their support and strategies.And all ABT team members are also cool to share knowledge.
    If anyone wish to be the part of winning team, i suggest to join ABT.

    Being with them is 100% Win-Win.


  • Jezehel
    Jezehel 4 months ago

    Abt is the best educational group in finance instrument such as binary option.

  • jortxx
    jortxx 4 months ago

    el vendedor ha sido claro y amable, volveria a comprar sin duda.

  • paulyarrau
    paulyarrau 4 months ago

    The ABT team is the best and most genuine set of people I have come across in trading binary. They are all about you learning real strategies and eaening real money.

  • flaviofariap
    flaviofariap 4 months ago

    ABT team is awesome!! My best decision in my trading life! They are 100% trustworthy.

    ELMOV 4 months ago

    Bought the ABT Premium Package. My strike rate have improved drastically. Also getting good support from the team. Keep it up ABT!!

  • Mcaa
    Mcaa 4 months ago

    ABT is the best place if you are looking for really easy and working strategies. I found my final destination. Thank you Alpha Binary Team!!!

  • collinz4real
    collinz4real 4 months ago

    I recommend alphabt Excellent services and quality products. pleasure working with you guyz. there are best in the market.

  • lumuw
    lumuw 4 months ago

    I've found ABT to be a trusted company that offers invaluable trading knowledge, guides and tools/ indocators to help with trading. Thank you

  • pkabs89
    pkabs89 4 months ago

    Excellent services and quality products. It is always a pleasure working with you.

  • splendidjoe
    splendidjoe 4 months ago

    Fantastic and awesome product. Seller is fast and helpful

  • Demelzza
    Demelzza 4 months ago

    Alpha Binary Team; they offer amazing strategies, with extraordinary results and the very best support to their members. I am so happy to have discovered all they offer.

Buyers Comments

  • collinz4real

    Excellent services and quality products. pleasure working with you guyz.

    4 months ago
  • collinz4real

    I recommend alphabt Excellent services and quality products. pleasure working with you guyz. there are best in the market. and also there have the best support team, no laggin in response always there to help.and that is what makes them the best.

    4 months ago
  • hepcat

    Awesome service, wonderful support, amazing strategies, i'm so glad i found the ABT Team!

    4 months ago
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