• Exclusive Backlink Software  - Get tons of Backlinks including edu ones
  • Exclusive Backlink Software  - Get tons of Backlinks including edu ones

Version: 1.0

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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Get tons of backlinks using this magnificent software. Why pay for them when you can just get them yourself. This tool scrapes tons of blogs including edu ones that you can comment on to increase your ranking on Google.

As you know getting backlinks from blogs especially high ranking ones can boost your websites exposure on Google to the maximum. This is also a white hat tool since you will be commenting naturally, like how it is supposed to be. As you know black hat tools are too risky and can get your site banned from Google because getting too many backlinks in a short space of time does not look natural and that’s how Google can detect them. Also most of the Black hat SEO backlinks will not even be indexed by Google so they won’t be recognized and be a complete waste of time.

Remember it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality, this software gets quality blogs, ones that are known by Google so you know that you will be getting awesome results. This tool also has a feature that has a list of comments that you can copy and paste into your blogs saving you the time and effort of writing one yourself.

I am selling this at an special offer so get it before the price goes back up!

User Ratings

  • monaco
    monaco 9 days ago

    Hi, I bought this software which works fine and am able to find backlink list very quickly. But, I have a problem what to do with the backlinks list generated. My question is how do I apply the links to my website or URL ?. Can you explain me how to use these backlinks. I expected a feature wherein I can easily link my website to these backlinks generated from your system. Software interface is really cool but above feature is missing...Thank you and await your suggestions.

    • tickoff2

      Hi there, please check your inbox i have explained in detail about what to do. Very easy.

  • Mulbe
    Mulbe 19 days ago

    amazing, this tool is incredible for Professional netlinking

    • tickoff2

      Thank you, i only sell the best tools that help people get better results with their SEO.

  • digipro28
    digipro28 25 days ago

    Awesome Software... Gives you tons of blog links. Honestly you can generate a lot of back links with the help of this software. Nice One @tickoff2. Easy to use software, comes with instructions on how to use the tool xD

  • mesitis
    mesitis 1 month ago

    Good seller. Fast and clear responses to my questions. I still doing crash tests and I have not disappointed yet. I will order again from the same seller. The prices are affordable, so it worth buying.

    • tickoff2

      Thank you.

  • bitsintheclouds
    bitsintheclouds 1 month ago

    Great software easy to use and well worth the money I would recommend this to anyone requiring backlinks

    • tickoff2

      Thank you as i have used this tool to get many quality backlinks to help my websites get better rankings in Google.

  • barrymoore
    barrymoore 2 months ago

    Hey this is a very clever little tool, well done to you, what would make it better is if it was automated!

    • tickoff2

      Thank you. The tool is very good for getting good backlinks that are indexed in Google for a better ranking for your website. This tool is made to be a white hat tool, that is why it does not automate things like black hat tools do which can get your website banned.

  • nasihmu
    nasihmu 3 months ago

    wasted 10$ here. Not recommended at all., Software gives outdated links, not quality links., false ad.

    • tickoff2

      This software gets the most updated links so there is no false information here pal. As a matter of fact you were the one that was trying to pull a scam to get this software for free, but since i wasn't having it you decided to write a negative review about it, thinking it will make the software look bad. Well you can pull your scams with someone else. This was a very bad customer, as you can see from the last buyer below he loved the software.

  • Freetube14
    Freetube14 4 months ago

    Thank you
    a great and useful tool too

    i tested the app to find and create backlink to my blog and videos


Buyers Comments

  • monaco

    Hello, I am awaiting your answer on how to use these harvested backlinks ?. Is there any tool to use or on Wordpress ?. Thank you.

    9 days ago
  • tickoff2

    I have replied in your inbox.

    9 days ago
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