Article Rewriter Pro Software for Unique New Articles for $5

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Article Rewriter Pro Software for Unique New Articles

Article Rewriter Pro Software for Unique New Articles

Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Create A Virtually Unlimited Number Of Unique New Articles From Any Set Of Off-The-Shelf Private Label Articles, Or From Any Ebook.

  • More and more people are creating their own websites containing videos or other forms of active content, such as games.
  • The problem with this sort of website is that there is nothing on the page to attract search engines.
  • Search engines like text that gives them an indication of the content - preferably unique.
  • But creating suitable text is time-consuming. And with video and game sites, visitors are only interested in the videos or games. Most visitors will not even look at any text.
  • Our new Article Rewriter Pro software offers a quick and easy way to create suitable text, with minimal effort.
  • All you need is a set of off-the-shelf private label articles - or a private label ebook (with suitable rights that allow it to be used as website content).
  • The software will instantly generate a set of unique articles (as many as you want).
  • The new articles are created by randomly extracting snippets from random places in the original articles (or ebook). Each snippet consists of one or more full sentences.
  • The resulting articles will be unique. The articles consist of full sentences, so can be analyzed by search engines. The articles will not make much sense to visitors - but visitors to video/game sites are not generally interested in the text anyway.


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