Organic 100K Plays- Listeners and Nice mixing with 120 Likes- 50 Repost, 20 Comments !!!
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Buy Organic Plays to increase your listeners in your tracks. This increase might give a good number of Real engagement. If you are new in music industry or you have less followers who will listen your tracks , you can buy our service that would provide you a little pleasure. To make our clients satisfied, we have launched some exclusive service.

Super Mixing with some Actions:

To make your engagement Realistic, we will mix 120 Likes - 50 Reposts and 20 Comments with 100K Plays!!I think this mixture will attract the new fans. Actually these are motivational.

Though we offered such a service long 2 years ago, now many services available here. It is true that the newer sellers are also good at such work.But, some guys are selling so bad service at cheap rates. They are killing this market and attract the buyers by offering Low price.

Difference between Us & them:
Our Quality: [ safe & secure]
01. More than 95% Profile Photo, 02. Location detail ( Maximum USA) 03. User Name Set.
04. Fully
Informative​ & Active in SC.
XX Their Quality: [Unsafe & Harmful]
01. About 05% Profile Photo, 02. No Location detail (??) 03. No User Name Set. (??)
No engaged in activity.

Now think what you need to buy!!!!!! After using this service, if you are satisfied, Please follow me and bookmark my service. Also put a positive feedback!!


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User Ratings

    ILLIESTDEMEANOR 11 days ago

    Great job. I definitely will be working with you again.

  • tangy
    tangy 2 months ago

    Great work like the results!

  • tangy
    tangy 2 months ago

    Super Fantastic Awesome job!

  • tangy
    tangy 2 months ago

    You are the greatest thank you!

  • tangy
    tangy 3 months ago

    Great Work!

    SITIWEB3 3 months ago

    Excellent service!

  • Darylbjr
    Darylbjr 4 months ago

    Great job. Did exactly as advertised.

  • 2ohail
    2ohail 4 months ago

    yh ok good work

    SITIWEB3 5 months ago

    Great work, thanks

  • fluxci
    fluxci 6 months ago

    Thank you, awesome work!

  • noodle82
    noodle82 6 months ago

    Great work!!! Delivered as described

Buyers Comments

  • cupccake6

    I need only comments instead of likes reposts & free followers...

    2 years ago
  • SarwarJahan

    Yes sure, You can send your comments for posting.

    2 years ago
  • cupccake6

    I've tried but not placing order, I think banking problem... I will try again tomorrow...

    2 years ago
  • cupccake6

    You've changed the gig, now will you do 40 comments, if you can tell me asap, I'll order you...

    2 years ago
  • Darylbjr

    Do you split amongst tracks? Or is it just to one song/track?

    4 months ago
  • SarwarJahan

    I can do Split 100K S0unds Cl0uds Plays into upto 10 tracks but Likes Repost PLays into maximum 3 tracks.

    4 months ago
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