• 20,000 Sp0tify plays on your track
Hello there ?
UNIQUE Sp0tify SERVICE! Plays delivered on Your own custom Playlist! The only service that provides this! Cheapest plays around! HQ service!

How does it work? You'll buy this service. Give me your playlist link and I'll send 20k plays to that playlist.
ex1: If you have 2songs on that playlist, each song will get ~10kplays.
ex2: If you have 4songs on that playlist, each song will get ~5kplays.

  • >> 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • >> The only one that provides this UNIQUE service!
  • >> Fast Start
  • >> HQ Custom Location Plays ( USA or Top EU Western Countries) ( select which one you prefer)
  • >> No password Required.
  • >> Slow , Safe & Reliable Delivery
  • >> Get Royaltees
  • >> 60 seconds play minimum.
  • >> Direct supplier of sp0tify services, so you'll get top notch services & customer support!
  • Limited slots. So reserve yours while you can!
For regular PLAYS check my other services!

For Artists Followers, check my other services!

The plays will be delivered slow ~ 5k per day per playlist max so they
will be safe and good for royaltees ( it will take a few days to update
on their Spot tracking system). The order will be completed once the
plays will show in your spot App. We are always over delivering! If
you're happy, we're happy!

CHECK EXTRAS BELOW FOR DISCOUNTS. The bigger the order, the bigger the
discount ;). You can get 1 mil as low as 1.5$ per k ( that's 50% off the
regular price. Perfect for Studios & Resellers).

User Ratings

  • cloud420
    cloud420 4 months ago

    Thanks for your services

    • fastfollowerz2

      you are most wellcome

  • AquaticAbyss
    AquaticAbyss 6 months ago

    Quick and pleasant service.

    • fastfollowerz2


  • altamira
    altamira 8 months ago


    • fastfollowerz2


  • nietzsche247
    nietzsche247 10 months ago

    fastfollowerz2 did a great job! I highly recommend him. the task was difficult and i wasnt able to respond to him, but he did everything anyway and got it back to me on time.

    • fastfollowerz2

      Thanks sir, waiting next order

Buyers Comments

  • mona28

    WelcomeI want real people from the Arab state of Saudi Arabia register in my site and activate the email and answer the poll Do I find this service Thank you

    7 months ago
  • thatmanwiththem

    Please be careful when buying this server. My friend has reported to me his account has been notified for sp0tify that his service will be taken down after buying from this service. Fastfollewrz views aren't high quality at all, I have bought from other buyers on this market and they provided amazing experience. However, if you wish to buy from this seller, be prepared to lose it all.

    19 days ago
  • fastfollowerz2

    i know who are you .....Ok from today i m start too just see what i can do stream4u

    19 days ago
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