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Our Music services are the safest in the industry.

Want to get more plays? S4 is the most cost-efficient service to provide track plays (or streams). They are 100% natural plays, performed by real accounts and of course, are eligible for full royalties.

We’ve reinvented the way of getting more plays. S4 delivers a steady stream of plays for your tracks and albums. You’ll get a clear view of how your tracks perform — daily play counts and popularity index.

Increase popularity

More popularity means more fans and more sales. Getting more plays increases your popularity index for your tracks in charts and billboards.

Discover new and relevant users
The best way to grow your fans base is to get more plays so your songs get more popular. S4 helps you get more plays, add new fans and get more royalties paid.

Get more royalties
Sales are necessary. S4 increases your plays count and gets you more royalties. The plays you receive from S4 are absolutely 100% real and eligible for royalties.

☛Is this Service safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe.

☛ Do these Plays come from real people?

  • Bots NEVER (Organic)
  • Real plays
  • Real followers

(Please note that plays are updated once a day and that you can only see the actual play count after your track has reached more than 1000 plays. In some case's, it may also take up to 4 days for plays to update the play count)


User Ratings

  • itsyaboih2
    itsyaboih2 2 months ago

    thanks so much for the solid service, well delivered and consistent as well, I've had missteps with past "promoters" so here's hoping for continued business with you guys!!

    • s4Promotions

      We appreciate your business H2 and we are here at all times for your needs...we can help with bulk streams as well..please PM if you need large orders 

      Thank you again 
      s4 Team  

  • shaheed313
    shaheed313 3 months ago

    This is by far the best seller on Seo! His spotify services have never ceased to amaze me and the plays are from real people. None of that fake bot stuff that calculate plays from outside the US! Majority of plays come from the US.

    • s4Promotions

  • shaheed313
    shaheed313 4 months ago

    The seller is always professional and takes his work seriously. He always delivers ahead of schedule and the quality is top notch.

    • s4Promotions

  • indiemusicpromo
    indiemusicpromo 7 months ago

    Thank you!

    • s4Promotions

      great buyer one of the best clients I have ever worked with hands down 

      THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I am here at all times for anything and everything you may need through our business relationship 

      kind regards as this is how I support myself 

      Anthony of s4 

  • nick17daman
    nick17daman 9 months ago

    Thank you i apprecaite that a lot

  • kevin08x
    kevin08x 10 months ago

    more than delighted with the work they put in, and will definitely be back.

    • s4Promotions

      great buyer -- thank you so much and i am here at all times for anything you need --  
      great music 

      Anthony of s4  

  • FreshPressure
    FreshPressure 10 months ago

    A special service, not to miss.
    These plays are a genuine Plus
    for any link and a cool boost
    for and artist looking for artist
    attention. Highly recommended,
    a must try.

    • s4Promotions

      great buyer -- thank you so much for the review -- i will make sure i send extra to your 50k campaign  

      Anthony of s4 TEAM 

  • fdsc
    fdsc 10 months ago

    All is perfect.
    Very good order.
    Thank you very much ;)

    • s4Promotions

      Thank you very much ;)i really appreciate your business and good review 

      message me for %10 off -- next order 

  • jondoe22
    jondoe22 11 months ago

    thanks im ordering again right now lets run it up

    • s4Promotions

      great buyer

  • tyuniverse84
    tyuniverse84 11 months ago


    • s4Promotions


      ANT OF S4 TEAM 

  • MrChips
    MrChips 11 months ago

    All Good Service And Very Happy

Buyers Comments

  • tonychevy

    I would like to contact you about multiple bulk orders, please message me or write back! asap! Thank you!

    2 years ago
  • jaythugmoney

    Can I split this order into multiple tracks? let's say 15 tracks 3000/15 = 200 per track.

    1 year ago
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