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Send List Of 60 Curators And Submission Form Links

After years of networking, my label has come up with these 60+ sources that we use after almost every song we finish. I’ve see people paying labels and PR people to submit their music to curators, well now you can do it yourself!!!
These sources include links to directly submit your music to Sp0tify Playlists; either a direct submissi0n form, submissi0n website, curators contact email address for submissi0n or a direct facebook/twitter link to the curator. 60 source links in total.
((if reaching out to curator directly please do a proper “song submissi0n pitch” no one wants to be spammed, also any submissi0n doesn’t guarantee it will be added to the playlist, the curator themselves have to like it or believe that it will fit the playlist, im just providing the resources for you to reach the curator or submissi0n info))

adding you song to playlists is not so much for the plays alone but spreading your brand everywhere on the site which ups your chance of being noticed by actual Sp0ti-fy site curators.
Once your music begins to perform well through collaborative playlists, , the SpOti-fy algorithm may begin to suggest your songs to SpOti-fy’s in-house editorial team. That’s the real path to getting a song onto a major playlist.

This service Includes:
Simple List of 60 Sp0tify Curators/Submissi0n Form Links

So far, our label has artists on about 20 of these playlist and already brought in thousands of plays! We are just tryna help share the resources, there's too many good artists not being heard.

Check out our main page for other networking tools for the ultimate growth!

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