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SEO Consulting Pros got our start in SEO by working with Top Michigan USA Recording Artists in the Music Industry. The Journey in the SEO business started at Full Sail University with a degree in Recording Engineering, those studies included Music Business and Music Marketing. We are a Authorized Google AdWords Reseller and know how Google works! Many artists are focused on the wrong thing when they start to look at a way to improve their visibility and exposure as a artist. Most are focused simply on how many plays they get, and similarly how much money they can make from their songs as quick as possible! A true musician with the focus in the right place, which is, "Putting your music first, a dedication to sharing and growing your musical work, a dedication to seeing that trough one way or the other!" In regards to your music I make no promises how many plays this program will create for your songs. What I can promise is this, our playlist and subsequent search for it is top search on the internet for "Drake and Artists Influenced by Drake on Spot!fy" on Google, Yahoo and Bing! Try it for yourself, simply enter this search in Google, Yahoo and Bing and you will find the Playlist, Marketing directed to the playlist, all on the top page directed to your music, multiple listings. We are a Authorized Google Reseller producing top links based on Solid SEO Science, not fake plays from bots which does nothing to grow your dream! Our goal is to get your music in front of as many music professionals possible. We do this by obtaining the top search for "Drake and Artists Influenced by Drake on Spot!fy" on Google, Yahoo and Bing, You can be assured that your songs will be found and heard by industry professionals. We make no guarantee of how many plays you will get, that is simply going to depend on how good your song and music are. We are dedicated to promoting music and artists and there is a active budget to continue to grow and expand the marketing of this list, so your exposure is only going to grow over time. Your Music career and growing it should be your focus. Hard work will be required to continue to grow your music over time. That should be done by you and your band at all times. There is no magic bullet for markting in the Music Business! It requires hard work on your part and you will be responsible for making great music and getting plays. What we can do, and have done is create a "Drake and Artists Influenced by Drake on Spot!fy" Playlist! It has over 2000 followers and growing, we will continue to grow and expand the number of followers on this playlist through our marketing. What you will be expected to do is to "Share and Follow the Playlist", as you are a artist on it and growing it only makes sense for all of us listed, so follow and share it with all you know! Also add the Playlist to your Artist Playlists on your Artist Page, it should be something your proud to be on! This playlist is loaded with talented artists who share your dream to create great music and being successful! While this in the end, is certainly more work for you, you can rest assured that your song will be found and listened to for anyone searching Google, Yahoo or Bing for "Drake and Artists Influenced by Drake on Spot!fy" (The Top Keywords with over 2000 Playlist followers), also the marketing encourages them to follow and share the playlist links for further exposure. Every client of SEO Consulting Pros and this marketing have a file created for the artist so we can work with you going forward to optimize your visibility and exposure, so you can concentrate on making great music for your fans. SEO Consulting Pros is a business that is dedicated to growing and promoting artists around the world that make great music. That has always been our focus! We promise to deliver the goods on our end. This Playlist is designed to help get all of us get top exposure across the search engines! Buy with confidence and write with any questions! There is a limit of 2 songs per artist, they must be submitted seperately! We look forward to growing your music as part of your team! Thank you! Please feel free to visit my personal LinkedIn Page for my credentials. You can message me at the following link below.

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SEO Consulting Pros - Entertainment Marketing Division - www.audiovideorecordingmichigan.com

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    Yes the song is headknock
    my name is Justis bratt

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  • StreamKing

    Hello, would you be willing to share with me the playlist so that I can see if it is a good fit for my artist? Thank you!

    2 months ago
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