• Complete Spotify Band or Artist Promotion (1000 Song Plays) Google Reseller
When your serious about your band and your songs and seriously promoting them on Spot!fy you will find no service out does this one from a SEO - Search Engine Optimization and Marketing standpoint. Fake bot play are not the answer to your Spot!fy success. It may impress people how many plays you have, but the real Band or Artist knows that true Google results is the thing that will bring real listeners and followers to their music and real fans is what they all want! Fake bots do not attend concerts! This service is 100% Tax Deductible Marketing!

SEO Consulting Pros is a Authroized Google Reseller and also a Web.Com partner located in the United States. The business founder is a graduate of Full Sail University in Florida, a top Music Production, Music Business college located in Winter Park, Florida. SEO Consulting Pros began in the SEO business by helping top Michigan Musicians and Artists build their music careers through top ranked Google searches.

This Complete Band or Artist Promotion Service from a Authorized Google Reseller Offers the following!

1. Post Your Song to our Spot!fy Breakout Indie Artists Playlist for 30 Days with over 10,000 Followers for 30 Days.

2. Create a UniversalMusic Top SEO article on your band. This blog will be a permanant link to your song. It will be created by you or your writer in the 3rd person and is a hard hitting paragraph about your band tagged by your Band Name, Genre, and Band Location. This blog will be SEO tagged based on these parameters. A permanant link will be created, submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing with the link provided to you to use in your social media and email marketing and promotions. All traffic leading back to your song on Spot!fy! Your Spot!fy Track Photo will be used for the photo blog!

3. Create a Website Page for your band by your Band Name, Genre and Location. The text of your blog article will also be used on this page, the page will be meta tagged for Your Band Name, Your Genre, Your Location so you know your going to be found when someone searches for you using the common sense criteria! We are a Authorized Google Reseller and know how to do it right! This page will direct all traffic back to your track on Spot!fy! creating a Top SEO backlink to your songs! This will be a permanant link! Submitted to all the top search engines! Your Spot!fy Track Photo will be used for this page.

4. Provide 15 Collaborative Playlist Links that you can add your band to by following them on Spot!fy.

5. Chart your song plays on Spot!fy for 30 days. We will continue to promote your track for 30 days. We won't stop promoting your track for 30 days or until we see that your song count has climbed by 1000 plays on Spot!fy.

6. Submission of your Blog and Webpage that we created for you to Google, Yahoo and Bing and over 60 other search engines. You will be provided a complete list upon completion of all search engine submissions.

We take your career serious and have worked with many artist in the past! Please check our user rating as a buyer and seller before making any decisions to work with us. We take this very serious and as a Authroized Google Reseller we will deliver the goods exactly as promised! Your direct SEO Promotions will continue for 30 Days, Your Blog link directing to your track and your Website Page we created will remain as permanant links. You can join this program up to 4 times during a 30 day period. If you want to join again and after 4 songs, one song will have to be removed from the playlist there is a limit of 4 on the Breakout Indie Artists Playlist. Songs remain on the playlist for 30 days. All your blog links and web pages we create are permanant links! Thanks for your business!

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