The Ultimate Music Promotion Trio Limited for $125

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The Ultimate Music Promotion Trio [Limited]

This service will offer you a mixture of organic promotion (authentic and real) paired with artificial services to bring you the best results possible for your music.

The majority of these are completed fast (started within 48 hours) and some may take a little longer. As not all of the organic movement is handled by me, the price rises so I can cover the full promotion the way advertised. If you're looking for the same package without this option, feel free to check out my other services.

Note: the service is completed in a fast manner, as the idea is to blast the song in all platforms in such a way that it has potential to catch the eye of editorial teams or to at offer a solid startup to your new releases.

What to expect:

  • high quality customer service
  • protection and safety
  • 24 hour responses
  • consistency in delivery
  • priority in order by first-come-first-serve
  • fast start and completion

What the order offers:
  • coverage for one track only, please provide the link for all 3 platforms - if you do not send all 3 links, only the platform sent will be covered.
  • SPTFY 500-2K organic streams
  • SPTFY 8-10K artificial streams
  • SPTFY 100 saves
  • SPTFY increase in listeners/rank
  • SPTFY 1-3 playlist submissions
  • Deezer 250-500 organic streams
  • Deezer 2.5-5K artificial streams
  • Deezer 100 likes OR followers (will default to likes if you don't specify)
  • Deezer increase in popularity/rank
  • Deezer 1-3 playlist submissions
  • TIDAL 250-500 organic streams
  • TIDAL 1-2K artificial streams
  • TIDAL 50 likes OR followers (will default to likes if you don't specify)
  • TIDAL increase in popularity/rank
Estimated price for this service if you chose some of the options on the site individually is around $110, luckily I'm part of that price (EXCLUDING ORGANIC OPTIONS as that takes more time, strategy and connections). A part of the organic streams I complete by sharing your tracks to music sites/blogs/forums, etc so feel free to make use of this strategy on your own time as well. You'd be surprised as to the results you could get from doing this.

- To verify completion of orders, check your SPTFY for Artists daily and depending on your distributor/label you may have access to Deezer/TIDAL stats.
- If you think the price is not worth it, make sure to add up all the prices for each of the offered services with other sellers and see if it benefits you to take advantage of the full package or if it's best not to.

Feel free to contact me before ordering if you have any questions. I usually do not send screenshots, but if you do have a problem, make sure to send yours, please.

Please do NOT extend the duration of the service. Once delivered, it's because I've double checked that I handled all the steps and everything was done successfully. I will also offer extras for every customer that leaves positive, detailed reviews after every 3rd order.

IMPORTANT: I have 100% rating for a reason and if anything were to go wrong, we can solve it together as my ideal would be to keep this 3 digit number.

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