Music Promotion Real Advertisement for $60

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Music Promotion Real Advertisement

I am providing now all kinds of Music Promotional service. For supplying this service we made a big network/ team so that we can provide the biggest/ smallest amount of streams

Service As promise
  1. 50,000 play on your track/song
  2. Split up to 5 - 10 songs Allowed
  3. Minimum Plays Per one Song : 5k
  4. Maximum Plays Per one songs: 10 Million
  5. all play From Germany USA
  6. This is track/song streams service only for music SEO promotion and ranking
  7. This is not monthly listeners service
  8. Safe service for your music platform guaranteed
  9. Delivery Speed Slow And Fast Available As Your Requested
  10. Service Money Back Guaranteed
if you not understand which music platform for this service so just inbox me

Why to use this service:
★★ Non drop everything which will be done.
★★ Quality Profiles, Photo, user name and Location.
★★ Faster Delivery
★★ track/songs link allowed
★★ if you not understand what i provide then message me,

Get Better Music Rankings Now with in the Online Music Community!!This will BOOST your Popularity in the Industry!!!!!!!


  • I am very faster
  • High-Quality Directory
  • 100% Manually submission
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • It will improve your Music Rankings
  • You will Get more Quality service

I am waiting for you

Thank you...........


Song Track Promotion Real Advertising
5k music Promotion 15 days $8
15k music Promotion 20 days $26
20k music Promotion 21 days $36
100k music Promotion 30 days $100
500k music Promotion 50 days $700
1 million music promotion 60 days $1200
10 million music promotion 90 days $10000
This service is currently unavailable and cannot be ordered. Please try again later.
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