get your song on my music playlist for 30 days read description for $15

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get your song on my music playlist for 30 days read description

Your song will be included in my playlist. Platform: look at the image/cover or contact via inbox and link the service.


  • trackable via the apple music for artists platform
  • can receive streams from multiple countries
  • complete privacy (no links exposed)
  • immediate start and service completion - we will not activate extras until order is fully marked completed
  • songs over will be cut down by 1 day of promotion for every 10 seconds over 3:10 minutes (EXAMPLE: 3:30 song will lose 2 days)
  • backed up by our 100% rating
  • protected by SEOClerk support
  • 2-3 accounts active 24/7 alongside other music from the moment we add to our private playlist rotation
  • estimate around 400-700 streams weekly
  • approximately $7 per 1k received in royalties from apple music
  • leave an early review to maintain boost (no review, we remove 1-5 days based on the wait due to risk of scam)
  • leave a recommendation for free 3 extra days

  • additional 30/60 days - adds 30-60 days to have your song streamed
  • add 5/10 favorites - use 5-10 accounts to favorite your track
  • add 5/10 to library - use 5-10 accounts to add the song to library

Leave an early review for 7 day hidden benefits. Results can vary, especially for long songs.


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Quick 1 day delivery
If the seller fails to deliver the service in the specified time, the order will automatically cancel returning your funds.
Additional 30 days 1 days $15
Additional 60 days 1 days $30
5 Song Favorites 1 days $3
10 Song Favorites 1 days $5
5 Song Add to Library 1 days $5
10 Song Add to Library 1 days $8
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