• Mass Site Visitor - a Traffic bot
  • Mass Site Visitor - a Traffic bot
  • Mass Site Visitor - a Traffic bot

Version: 0.7

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Other

Additional Requirements

Program should run independently of any third party libraries and runtimes, tested on a clean install of Windows 8.1



Mass Site Visitor (MSV) is designed to generate large amounts of traffic to websites of your choice through the list of proxies in a multi-threaded way. You can set referrers and user agents, which along with proxies will be randomly selected to create a browser session. Referrers, user agents and proxies should be stored in a text-file and can be appended to an already loaded list in the program by pressing the 'Load the list' button. Remember to add the word socks5 after the ip of a public socks4/5 proxy, separated by a whitespace.

Results for this browser session you can select to save as an image snapshot for every visit (to see how web-site is seen from different IPs), with a customized behavior of the browser while it's on page, you can set the program to click some links too (check out Settings - Options).

There is an ability to filter out non-responsive proxies from the ones that work, and save them to file (Settings - Export Healthy Proxies).

If you don't have a proxy list of your own, and the one supplied with MSV isn't satisfactory (with time those proxies might cease to work), there is an ability to scrap public proxies from the web, Settings - Import Proxies from the web, if you are scraping proxies from the web, you don't have to worry about adding the proxy type for a socks proxy, program will save all the info in the right format.

The log of events, that happened in a context of the program is available for the user to study. It will contain messages about the proxy scraping process, as well as the process of sending traffic through proxies to the target website.

See the video preview

Latest features include:

1. JavaScript referrer spoofing (for Google Analytics traffic sources)
2. Chromedriver (non-headless browser to influence video/audio view counts on web-sites that track the playback from visitors, and count anonymous, non-logged-in viewers). Pro-tip: don't use JS referrer spoofing with this feature, because media sharing sites don't care much about traffic sources, that would be only useful for influencing Google Analytics.
3. More proxy filters for scraper.
4. Test all proxies (will use the connection timeout and number of attempts from the Options window)
5. Private proxy support, consult the manual as to how setup you proxy list to supply authentication info for a private proxy provider.
6. Editable browser dimensions. Check the Options menu, use the format, as you'll see for the default resolutions, provided with the program.
7. Firefox geckodriver. For cases when Chrome is not enough. Nightly is a preferred version, because only it was working properly without crashes on different machines.
8. Experimental: Alexa toolbar/extension. Warning: works stably only with Firefox Nightly.
9. Multiple web-site destinations for a session. One web-site per line in a textifield - one of those will be randomly selected each time to visit.
10. Search for the element to click within an iframe. If a link is within an embedded third-party web-page, consult the manual on how to use it. If the link isn't in an iframe - just leave the last 2 textfields of the script as they are (one with NO, another empty)

Version 0.6 released (3 Dec 2017):
  • selenium library updated to 3.6.0 - stability improved
  • Third-party dependencies added into the About window
  • Open working folder button in the Options window - for users' convenience
  • Bugfixes/code refactoring/stability improvements
Version 0.7 released (24 Jan 2018):
  • 3 additional proxy scraping targets
  • Bugfixes, stability improvements

Don't forget to reduce thread count if you are using low-end machine. Having several dozens of threads running browser sessions that are being created/destroyed constantly, and are trying to load some web-page is a performance-heavy task.

If you have trouble using the bot with Chrome/Firefox, it may be due to an outdated version of the webdriver , which is provided with the bot in the bin/ folder (chromedriver and geckodriver (Firefox)). You should download the latest version of those from the official web-sites, check these links

User Ratings

  • Moewy2
    Moewy2 4 months ago

    it worked well but its just stopped working. please help!

    • headshote

      Restart the program, scrap new proxies, pm me if nothing helps with a detailed description.

  • MarketingClub
    MarketingClub 4 months ago

    cool software but Im putting my site in and hitting start and Im not getting views , should I change the proxoies that it came with or what?

    • headshote

      Totally - use Settings -> Import Proxies from Web to scrap for newest public proxies, or consult a pdf manual on how to set up a custom file with the list of proxies, if have some of your own

  • steevenz
    steevenz 9 months ago

    my url not open in Firefox screen also in choram ...its a fake?

    • headshote

      make some screenshots for me of MSV main and log screens, of browser screens, etc., send it via pm, I'll see what i can do. Also you will ALWAYS need to RESCRAP the proxies, consult the manual on how to get fresh proxy list.

  • bangaru123
    bangaru123 10 months ago

    One of the best software I have come across. Though Initially i faced few challenges in setting up the thing but in the end it is worth it.

    • headshote

      Thank you, all the questions regarding the bot were resolved in a civilized dialogue, which is always nice.

  • arbdude
    arbdude 10 months ago

    great bot!! thank you

    • headshote

      Thank you for the purchase.

  • swisspro
    swisspro 1 year ago

    great gob - thx

    • headshote


  • Miketrix
    Miketrix 1 year ago

    Amazing software!

    • headshote

      Thanks, enjoy using it.

  • overlord
    overlord 1 year ago

    Very good software all ya do is copy your links and press ctrl c and ctrl v together all the links will download on the software links...i give it a 100 try it now

    • headshote

      Thank you!

  • riobot2020
    riobot2020 1 year ago

    I ask, if it is 100 insurance for adsense

    • headshote

      Depends on how you use it - Highly anonymous proxies (maybe socks5, those shouldn't reveal anything about their usage either), keep it slow and steady for the first weeks, use common sense, etc.

  • imthiachulu
    imthiachulu 1 year ago

    Awesome product.
    Does exactly what it says!
    will surely recommend this to everyone who is looking to generate hits.

    • headshote

      A great buyer, thank you.

  • gixmoh
    gixmoh 1 year ago

    Excellent bot ,highly recommend

    • headshote

      Thank you.

  • Kalma
    Kalma 1 year ago

    This soft works perfectly but i didn't use the alexa addon. I'm using the default setup and sending hit to my ( or friends) website. The proxies list that's already in the soft are fine but if you have proxy list made by yourself it's also fine(I got 10k prox). You can set a large amount of hit to your website (or else). I'm earning some BTC with it.
    I recommend bying this soft.
    Seller & Soft are good.

    • headshote

      A pleasure doing business with you.

  • m4lcu
    m4lcu 1 year ago

    on youtube is not working, the visits are not counted properly and analytics does not appear refer (FB,Google).Other software on this web site work better than yours, since you are not satisfied with the product may wonder if a refund me.Se she does not want to pay me back ok, however I will leave a review about.

    • headshote

      There's a month-old comment about how this program doesn't work well with YouTube (if at all), I don't claim that MSV works for it. Referrers work perfectly well for Google Analytics, just as it is demonstrated in the video, obviously you are too incapable to read the manual, study the options, and see what do you need to enable for referes in GA to work. Literally everything you've said looks like a stream of incoherent gibberish, produced by a neural network, rather than a human.

  • ViperBlood
    ViperBlood 1 year ago

    Awesome Bot.. i required only alexa traffic & i think this bot is doing what i required.
    Bot required further development to improve the traffic.

    • headshote

      Everything went nice, and all the questions were resolved via a dilogue.

Buyers Comments

  • mywmy

    Da, razdrazaet bez kirilcy

    Ya probuju zazobratsja, ludi kakto krutjat na na youtube. Ya zakazyval na seoclerks nakrutku prosmotrov i vse xoroho prosmotry ne propadajut. Vot xocu ponjat kak oni eto delaut, probuj raznye proxy no poka kak ty hovoris nedelu prosvotry est, a potom propadajut ).

    Vozmu tvoju progu poprobuj i podderzu otecestvennogo proizvoditelja )

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    Ya dumaju chto te, kto realno prodayut prosmotri imejyt neskolko tysyach YouTube accauntov, i navernoe botnet.

    1 year ago
  • mywmy

    Mne krutili po 20000 za paru dnej
    Mozno u nih zakazat i 1000000 )

    1 year ago
  • Darshan

    1. can i click adsense ad with this bot...??
    2. if i click adsense ad or any ad than can i add prcentage of whole amt of traffic 5% traffic click on ads to manage CTR

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    1) You can set this bot to click on any link/image/div/button or any other html element of page (study the manual, it has a section about automatic clicks).
    2) And yeah, check out these screenshots, there is "CLICK with chance ___%" spinbox textfield, where the percent is set. The only advice I'd give is to set percent to 10% to get 5% of the clicks, simply because offten proxies can lag, and some requests might be lost.

    And one more consideration - using public proxies to send traffic to Adsense is somewhat risky. But slow and steady might work in this case. I, for instance, was ale to make a few bucks on Ad.fly just for testing purposes, while I was sending not too many views/day.

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    It's on now - You have 1 week to save yourself $5! Grab it while it's hot!

    1 year ago
  • ViperBlood

    Dude can you explain me how to use click feature on your bot?
    PM the details if possible.

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    Yeah, I PMd you, the main mistake that you did, is you tried reading the html code 'directly', instead of using your browser's element inspector. See, after all the javascript is executed on page, the html code will most likely change alot, and new elements will be inserted into the page, to see thsese elements' code properly, right click on them in any browser, and click 'inspect Element' (or something like that), PDF guide explains it fully

    1 year ago
  • gixmoh

    am kind of blind with programming, just asking is this program going to help me to do plays on this site like this and if it does ... is it easy to use and how

    and if doesn't is there any bot can help me for this task or seller can do that for me

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    I seee that this site is some kind of audio sharing service, so quite possibly MSV will work with it. But I would like you to pm me a link to some song there (preferrably yours with very low hits, and not a popular one), so that I could test whether I can influence the views with the bot.

    1 year ago
  • ViperBlood

    Dude the traffic through Alexa toolbar is not working 100%, also can you a click option (just a simple click on website everytime anywhere).
    The current option is complicated.

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    Well, you said yourself, that it worked for your Alexa rank before, and I assume you used the default (and preferred) PhantomJS option. I don't know why is it important to run the "real" browser with addon installed, not only is it slower, but I have no idea what would that addon influence.

    Just follow the steps in the pdf, it's quite simple.

    1 year ago
  • provicky

    Quite an interesting software.How many unique visitors can it process per hour?

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    Somewhere between 100 and 1000, maybe more and maybe less, depending on how many threads you'll be running, and how many working proxies you'll have in the list

    1 year ago
  • provicky

    thanks for the response.will purchase tomorrow.

    1 year ago
  • ViperBlood

    Dude i think Alexa has updated the Toolbar, bcuz i'm loosing ranking now day by day.
    Can you check that??

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    Chrome extension is in folder bin/alexabar.zip firefox one - bin/alexabar_ff.xpi. If ou replace these files with the updated versions (granted they are supported by your version of the browser), it'll work. I might publish these archives somewhere sometime, but I'm a bit tied up this week.

    1 year ago
  • handsomeless

    Hello there,

    01.Is this tools still working to give a site 1000 views per hour?
    02.Do you provide a refund if it is somewhat not working as advertised?

    Thank you.

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    1) It's possible, but if unique IPs matter, bear in mind, that there might be as low as 200 unique working pulic proxy IPs, which are working for a certain period of time (like 6 hrs), also to achieve a 1k, you'd need a powerful enough PC to run 50-60 threads (which is realistic for a headless browser, but not for a video playback with something like Chrome).

    2) Instead of possible waste of time tell me exactly how and what for are you going to use the bot (feel free to use PM here), and I'll tell whether it'll work or not for your case. I'll only grant you a refund if I told that MSV is supposed to work for your particular case, but ended up not wokring for that case actually.

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    Not really. Don't buy it to use for youtube - the results will be piss poor.

    1 year ago
  • simsonparker

    Can you suggest any tools/bot? Where can I find a youtube view bot

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    I wouldn't use bots for youtube myself, because the end result will be mediocre, and there are some fairly cheap offers of real viewers for your videos out there.

    1 year ago
  • LadyJ218

    Hello, I just purchased. The program will run a few threads then give me an "Error launching a PhantomJS Browser. Cannot connect to Service bin/phantomjs.exe.
    I've allowed the firewall to let everything run.
    I'm also getting this error for the others Chrome and Nightly after 2 threads. Any thoughts?
    Adding that I downloaded the most recent gecko and replaced, still does not work. I cannot download the chrome since I am on win x 64. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

    12 months ago
  • jocy

    Classify video on youtube generates 50k of veiws per day?

    10 months ago
  • mkashif

    Hi, I have bought it already, getting some issues that not getting any visits to my page, i waited for hour. Please check PM for screenshots and advice where i am doing wrong setting. Thanks.

    9 months ago
  • headshote

    ARP - Always Rescrap Proxies

    9 months ago
  • ViperBlood

    Provide me latest update bot... waiting for updated version.

    5 months ago
  • seyioluwasade

    Does the bot work? How long will it take to get it after purchase?

    4 months ago
  • samerhadid

    Hi I'd like to purchase your product or offer but i have some of queries because i have had some bad results with other networks such as zwaar so my queries are :

    1-Are these really real visitors(Not Traffic Exchange or Robots).

    2-Are these visitors from USA.

    3-Do you using trafficadsnet.com to delver the traffic ?

    4-How much time which the visitor should stay on my website.

    5-Do i will get any activity on my website (Any clicks any place).

    6-Are these traffic safe for Propeller ads.

    7-How many visitors should i get per day or month (Average).

    8-can i promote CPA offers,affiliate networks such as Clickbank.

    9- do yo accepting http://traffic.makingmoneyacademy.net/

    1 month ago
  • tonyangelopubli

    hi is this adware safe? and will it work on youtube for views safely ? also is it simple to run on my pc or off a privet server

    18 days ago
  • headshote

    Obviously MSV doesn't have any adware

    As for YouTube - it's not supported

    16 days ago
  • headshote

    A lot of my customers used private servers to run MSV

    16 days ago
  • Amer2019

    can i target single country?

    17 days ago
  • headshote

    For now - only if you have a proxy list for that country, but scrapping country-specific proxies is an upcoming feature

    16 days ago
  • tonyangelopubli

    Is this bot easy install on my computer or server and will it work on websites that have absence

    16 days ago
  • headshote

    It is distributed in an archive, which you only need to unpack to whatever folder you want and run the exe file.

    By "absence" you probably mean AdSense, and it's always a risk, but some have tried...

    15 days ago
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