• youtube bot - Increase your youtube viewer with ElephanView V.1
  • youtube bot - Increase your youtube viewer with ElephanView V.1
  • youtube bot - Increase your youtube viewer with ElephanView V.1

Version: 1

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Additional Requirements


Not Included

What can this bot do

This bot views your YouTube videos using IP proxy and random user agent so that it looks natural.

How to use it
very simple, you just need to specify some configuration than click start button and let it do it job.

What are the features of this bot
1. auto scan ip ( 2 category ; http and https )
you get fresh ip regularly, so you don't have to bother collecting ip manually
more than fresh 500 https ip and more than 1500 http ip every hour

2. Filter ip by country
so it's easy to determine which country ip will be used

3. more than 70 including user agent that is often used today

4. skip bad ip proxy

5. Random or fixed duration viewer

6. View counter
if it is successfully view, it is easy to manage the amount that will be view in a day

7. Multimode viewing, if more than 1 url

8. you can custom your ip proxy and user agent on your own

u can check this video how bot works

Link Video

Think before buying
1. this app can not make 10k view per hour (This is not super tool), like other said. its like manual viewer but replaced by a bot.
2. This bot running single thread. if u want to run many, copy all file
from intallation folder to other. its can running many bot at the same
3. this software does not provide ton of ip proxy. provide only a few
under 2k ip by scanning (1 hour per scan, waiting for refresh ip). u can
use other software for grap ton of ip, maybe including tester ip.
4. free upgrade and fix bug, i will fix bug as soon as possible if i can.

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Buyers Comments

  • mkadafy

    pls, in english. this is just for windows.

    3 months ago
  • funkcarioca



    3 months ago
  • mkadafy

    301 or 314. there r 3 url video. in the video i demonstration for 3rd url, 314 is counter for 2nd url.
    actualy i m not youtuber , i m just a tool maker.
    let us count, many site that provides services exchange set for view youtube time are 40 sec, 60 sec and etc
    we take safe numbers of time is 60 sec for watching video which will be counted by youtube.

    total view in hour = 3600 sec / 60 sec = 60 views (gross value) (delay by conection, bad ip ect)
    maybe = 40 views are average value
    in a day = 40 x 24 hours = 960 view

    2000 / 940 = 2.1 number of bot
    you need 3 bot run at same time to do this.

    3 months ago
  • nguyenvankhoabk

    Can I use many URL together?
    If I use these then views increase?
    If I order the software. I use it forever or pay monthly?

    3 months ago
  • mkadafy

    1. this bot just run 1 url at time, and can run many but alternately or random.
    its can open more than 1 bot at the same time. If u run many, for example 5 url at same time. You must run 5 bot, each bot just run 1 url.
    2. same as video , that video not use cheat or open other application in background. you also to notice too, if your youtube view are more than 300 its will counted after next 48-72 hours
    3. this one time licence. 1 pc for 1 licence.

    3 months ago
  • funkcarioca

    I really want your product. I'm waiting for an update so I can use

    my country does not have a good internet connection and IP numbers

    I'm sorry for not proceeding with the sale.

    but you are extremely considerate and very correct in the use of the tool.

    so that everything is up to date, please contact me.

    Very grateful

    Fabio Anderson

    desejo realmente seu produto . fico no aguardo de uma atualização para que possa usar
    meu país não tem uma boa conexão de internet e números de IP

    peço desculpas por não prosseguir com a venda
    mais você é extremamente atencioso e muito correto no uso da ferramenta.

    assim que estiver tudo atualizado, peço que por favor me contacte.

    Muito grato
    Fabio Anderson

    2 months ago
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