• YouTube Thumbnail Impressions and CTR bot
  • YouTube Thumbnail Impressions and CTR bot
  • YouTube Thumbnail Impressions and CTR bot

Version: V 0.1

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server

Additional Requirements

Dot net framework
Flash player



Browsers Supported


I was interested in learning about the functionality of you YouTube and how to get a non droped views.

So i started 4 months a go doing some research and testing to know how youtube algorithm how its really work, And after the hard work and a lot of testing, i Succeed to know how its work

As you are aware, simply pumping a video with views and watch-time alone does not help in ranking the videos with the YouTube algorithm.

You can increase the chances of YouTube suggesting and recommending your video by improving your click-through rate and watch-time

In other words, increasing watch-time is good but this must be accompanied by increasing thumbnail impressions and click through rate.

I have tried many other view bots as well but they all load the watch page for the video directly without searching for the video thumbnail or clicking on it on the YouTube search page within the embedded browser.

-A question you may ask :
So Does my bot have the ability to increase thumbnail impressions and clicks as well ?

Can it register an impression and a click on the video thumbnail before loading the watch page and viewing the video ?

Yes it does

-Just to explain why thumbnail impressions and click through rate is important .

-Since my video was uploaded , for the first three days it was getting 400-500 impressions per day with a click through rate 15-18% and the watch-time and audience retention for this video was also very good. Then YouTube started to promote my video as suggestions and recommendations for further viewership (This is the big spike in YouTube impressions you will ever see).

-The point is that high impressions and click through rate tells the YouTube algorithm that lots of people are searching and watching specifically your video and when YouTube sees that it automatically starts to promote your video for further viewership provided that the audience retention is good as well (it shouldn't be just click-bait).

this software has a special option , as we know a lot of people has a slow pc thats why they find it hard to operate bots so i managed to make it.

>>>Lower CPU usage<<<

YouTube Thumbnail Impressions and CTR views bot how its work

  1. Clear browser cache
  2. clear browser cookies
  3. change proxy in every navigation
  4. change user agent in every navigation
  5. search on your video
  6. click on your video
  7. stay the watch time your step and repeat the process all over againe in multi threads

What comes with the software

  • A proxy scraper[/*]
  • Video and instructions on how to use the software[/*]
  • A bonus that cost 69$[/*]

User Ratings

  • theclozer
    theclozer 2 days ago

    Top Rate 100%.... I HIGHLY recommend Mr Bot. Very attentive and helpful. Program works as described and well worth every penny. Tried and tested for over a week before leaving this review. Support is top notch as he is very responsive to my message and even took time out of his day to do a remote connection and make sure I had everything set up ok. I have been doing YouTube marketing for years now and I can tell you CTR is one of the main ranking factors YouTube is using now to ran

    • MrBots

      Thank you for your hones words
      you were a great understanding guy

  • jacobpt
    jacobpt 27 days ago

    Thanks for developing this. I'm experimenting with it now but it looks like it might have some benefits there! :-)

    • MrBots

      Your welcom jacob
      and thank you for being such an excellent understanding person
      if you have any question feel free to contact me

  • humanpower
    humanpower 1 month ago

    After leaving good feedback, you do not do your best to solve the problem. 
    Please keep the promise for fixed program.

    • MrBots

      Make sure to take into consideration that you might be in a different time zone then I am.
      So if you send a msg it may take 12 to 24 until i reply

  • mediaviews
    mediaviews 2 months ago

    Good Job

    • MrBots

      Thank you 
      Your welcome anytime

Buyers Comments

  • humanpower

    After leaving good feedback, you do not your best to solve the problem.
    Please keep the promise for fixed program.

    27 days ago
  • humanpower

    After leaving good feedback, you do not do your best to solve the problem.
    Please keep the promise for fixed program.

    27 days ago
  • JordanSmith19

    Hey, can you build Telegram bot?

    Also I see one of your buyers complained that you don't respond after they leave good comment. So I don't know, I might be interested in this YouTube bot, but I don't want to end up like him

    24 days ago
  • MrBots

    for a costum bot contact with more details
    for my buyer its just a miss understading thats all because i am in a different time zone than he is and it can take up to 16H or more for me to respond.
    but when you buy something you test it first then you complet the order if you dont find it helpfull you cancel the order and get a refund.

    24 days ago
  • JordanSmith19

    Can you contact me privately in Direct Message?

    20 days ago
  • laky1

    Sorry for my english is this bot work now, when youtube update ?

    7 days ago
  • MrBots

    yes it works fine and there is a new update i just released

    1 day ago
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