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I Will Give Original Content Creator Bot

We all know that "Content Is King"

But Getting unique, original content needs hardwork and spending lots of time . But if you want to outsource your content creation work, it costs tons of money.

But I am here for you to help to provide best software to ease your content creation for your website. Average 500-1000 words content creation takes around 2-3 hours to complete.

But with the help of this software, within a few clicks, your content is ready to publish in your webiste. This software helps to fullfil your content needs for all your website.

In Just 1 hour, you can publish 100's of unique, original content in your website without spending tons of money. It leads to huge savings in time.

This Software getting content from the youtube from the video transcription. Youtube consists of billions of videos. So it is easy to get content from the creative common license videos.

Creative common licesnse videos are permitted to get content from them. So there is no restriction to get transcription content from the creative common license videos.

Let's see what are the features of Youtube Transcription Bot:

If you want to create content for the website. use your keyword in the youtube search. You should use filter, inorder to get videos with transcription and creative common license videos.

After getting the URL (Universal Resource Locator) of your youtube videos, you should enter into software. Software automatically getting all the transcription of the video within a few clicks.

Even you can translate into any regional lanuage to target specific audience in any geographic area. It has the feature to translate the transcription in other languages.

This software ease your work in content creation. You can operate 100's of website without any difficulty in getting content. This software handles all the tedious content creation work.

I will provide this youtube transcription software for $1

If you did not satisfied, I will return all the money!

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