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We will tweet your message to 30k followers on twitter. We're looking to promote some other brands using this platform. If you have a new product, service or event this is a great way to get your message out. WE DO NOT CREATE THE TWEET! You do. You have to send us exactly what you want tweeted out. We will not edit the tweet in any way. Send EXACTLY what you want sent to our followers.

Limitations - What the user will and will not tweet about.
The tweet cannot contain negative slurs, language or slang. It cannot contain any sexual innuendo either. Nothing negative.

User Ratings

  • Marzena2014
    Marzena2014 16 days ago


    • bawsechic

      Sure! Consider it done.

  • maxims
    maxims 6 months ago


    • bawsechic

      Thank you for your business. I look forward to serving you again!

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