I sell SA MP gamemode roleplay for $20

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I sell SA MP gamemode roleplay

Note: mode is made in English and is adapted to that knowledge

I am selling a GTA SA gamemode that contains: RolePlay systems on the novelty that has been inserted are.

So I count on inserting Kanap, voice, sorting out prices in stores, now some products are $ 0, android mobile with functions, write in the bank with the general (behind) command to steal the bank and use it yourself. Add goldsmiths Gold, car theft wire, backpack, phantom.

Add when you click a letter to pop up an inventory where you can put things.

How do we add hacking?

IN Game Textdraws (neatly make what you have to be 100% optimized)

I need commands to be like visual clicks on the screen example: / stats, bankstatement change needed to box

Like visual buttons instead of commands

Put the toilet, hunger add 10 more products to the store of the scriptwriter's choice

Roulette casino when the game is played does not add money, just as it does not take off

System for finding houses, other properties for sale.

Salon do how to create cars since there is no creation function to put 10 any.

Add more houses and other varieties for sale.

Possession 8 Veh.

When someone enters the hospital, the server and all systems are deleted.


Develpoer SA MP GTA San Andreas GTASanAndreas Multiplayer GTASA


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