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I created more than 100 logos for different clients on different web portals. You won't be disappointed.

I guarantee 100% satisfaction rate - LEVEL 3 SELLER.


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✓ Modern logo
✓ Unique logo (created just for you)
✓ Presenting your website
✓ 24 hours delivery guaranteed (usually 23 hours)
✓ Amazing time response (average 7 hours)
✓​ Specially created for your niche



I can also create Facebook profile picture from logo and Facebook cover!

Want to promote my service and earn money? Contact me and we will talk.

My two samples (but I create much more) - you can send me also some examples and desires and I will build unique logo for you based on your needs. Always using latest trends for logo design.

Do you need website? Contact me and order website and I will create logo for you for FREE.

-- Question and answers --

Why is so cheap, if is professional?
Because is my hourly rate $5 and I can create very good logo in only one hour.

Do you offer any logo edit, when you send first version of logo?
Yes, I offer free logo changes, if you're not satisfied with it.

What, if I will not be satifisied with logo?
Don't worry, I will fixing/changing you logo until you will be satifisied.

More than 100 happy customers (here and on other websites).
Contact me - I'm sure you will like logo, created specially for you.

You can't waste your money - money back guarantee provided!

When not satisfied I provide full refund to my client.

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User Ratings

  • plusinfo
    plusinfo 4 months ago


    • GameLoader

      Nice buyer. Thanks for order.

  • smitty7535
    smitty7535 8 months ago

    Perfect A+++++

    • GameLoader

      Good buyer. You can order again when you will need logo, FB cover or anything else.

  • july23V
    july23V 8 months ago

    Very nice work done. I love it.

    Thank you so much.

    • GameLoader

      Thanks for order.

  • july23V
    july23V 8 months ago

    amazing, really, really nice.

    Thank you so much?

    Do you make FB banners also?

    • GameLoader

      You are nice client. In case you need another logo, you can order again.

      Yes, I can also make Facebook banners.

  • azuco
    azuco 1 year ago

    Thank you very much for your wonderful service.

    • GameLoader

      Thank you for order, you are great client.

  • azuco
    azuco 2 years ago

    Thank you very much for being helpful.

    • GameLoader

      Thank you for order.

  • azuco
    azuco 3 years ago

    Thank you very much for this service.

    • GameLoader

      Great buyer.

  • Aish2411
    Aish2411 3 years ago

    it is blurry when i save it.

    • GameLoader

      Good buyer, I've fixed quality of logo and now is high quality. Thank you for order.

  • casagames
    casagames 3 years ago

    Yes I like it thank you for the great work!

    • GameLoader

      Great buyer

  • mastertera
    mastertera 3 years ago

    Nice worker

    • GameLoader

      Nice buyer.

  • aidenzayne
    aidenzayne 3 years ago


    • GameLoader

      Good buyer without complications.

  • Rayban34
    Rayban34 3 years ago

    Super quick, and a really good job

    • GameLoader

      Great buyer, thank you for order.

  • seorahul
    seorahul 4 years ago


    • GameLoader

      Thank you, you're good buyer as I expected.

  • tlives2014
    tlives2014 4 years ago

    Alright. Good job.

    • GameLoader

      Good buyer, no any complications with him.

  • mobilejitsu
    mobilejitsu 4 years ago

    Great, quick

    • GameLoader

      Good buyer, he is nice and he reply fast to my questions.

  • sarajevo
    sarajevo 4 years ago

    Totally satisfied, awesome seller.

    • GameLoader

      Good buyer, no any problems with him.

    GERMES 4 years ago

    I LIKE IT - ​http://shrani.si/f/2g/JK/2Ce19tVj/germes3.png - ONE MORE CORRECT - CAN YOU MAKE RUSSIA FLAG AT THE TRAILER?

    • GameLoader

      I make it for you - logo with Russian flag.

  • Kyliearena
    Kyliearena 4 years ago

    It was a quick service. I didn't like the designs but I may be picky.

    • GameLoader

      Very nice buyer, if you want logo font, colors changes or anything I will do this for free, you only need to contact me.

  • modashop
    modashop 4 years ago

    thanks you good logo!

    • GameLoader

      Good buyer.. No any problems with him...

Buyers Comments

  • SuperBros

    Hi Gameloader,

    I already have a logo but I need the colors changed on it. Can you do that?


    4 years ago
  • GameLoader

    Contact me and send me logo and I will see what can I do.

    4 years ago
  • iqra786

    I have a logo can you redesign it.

    3 years ago
  • GameLoader

    Sure, just contact me before with more details.

    3 years ago
  • srikrishna

    check http://srikrishnaplasto.com/
    i want to logo for this website
    my logo not eaycating
    thing about that colorfull and eyechating logo

    3 years ago
  • GameLoader

    Yes, I can create logo for this website. Just place the order and tell me details (how you want to looks like), also can send me samples.

    3 years ago
  • socialguru101

    does this logo service come with the source files?

    9 months ago
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