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Powerful Links On Exclusive Access Niche Domains private access

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Read on to find out how...

If you’re fed up not getting results in 2020 (and spending a ton of money), read on to find out how I’m going make your competitors wonder wtf is going on…

“Hi, I’m Barry. Ex English teacher turned “SEOclerks Top Selling SEO Service Provider of all time…”

WARNING: The SEO method I’m about to reveal to you, opens up the very real possibility that your competitors will try to destroy your website when you outrank them. Don’t say I didn’t warn you...

So ranking keywords is hard, but ranking on Google’s front page is even HARDER than ever! Google have gotten super smart!

Whatever you read about SEO. Whatever new tricks you hear about, the fact remains. Getting to Google’s front page and making passive income is NOT easy no-matter what those GURUs tell you. As Google gets smarter, real SEOs know what worked yesterday, just doesn't cut it anymore!

Unfortunately, there's industry SEO's out there right now teaching outdated methods for any one of the following reasons:

  1. Want to sell you a course

  2. Want to sell you their links

  3. Want to look smart
But I know you're not here for that...

You want SEO THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. SEO you can rely on every.single.time.

So there's Tons of Services Here... Why Should You Care What I Have to Say?

Fair question!

So my name's Barry Page and I’m a full-time SEO & Freelancer.

I love teaching marketing and SEO, and I love traveling around Thailand with my girlfriend...That’s us and yes, she's prettier than me (-:

I’ve been providing SEO and link services for clients here on SEOclerks for over 8 years now, and I’ve ranked thousands of keywords.

I’ve provided (and still do), things like:

  • PBNs
  • Link bundles & foundation links
  • Keyword research
  • and many other SEO related services.

    At the time of reading this, clients here have ordered over 17,000 times and invested over 1.2 million dollars in my services.

Now the reason I’m telling you this, is not to show off. But to show you that

  1. People trust me

  2. I have a LOT of experience

  3. I have a LOT of connections with website owners (and this is the part Im going to get to shortly

The Big Problem With Ranking Websites in 2020 and What You Can Do About It

So as much as I have lots of experience, there’s a problem me and my customers here face more often now than ever: it’s getting progressively harder to rank keywords.

So I set out to find a solution and here's what I did:

I gathered all the websites ive worked on over the years, and filtered out the best ones.

  1. I filtered for high DR domains
  2. I filtered for high traffic value domains
  3. I filtered for aged domains
  4. I filtered them into their respective niches

What did that acheive?

Well you see now, I have a huge non-public data-base of domains, and direct communication with the website owners (because they're my customers already).

This gives me MASSSIVE LEVERAGE in terms of the links I can place for you. While every other SEO is out there trying to score links and charging people a small fortune, the work I do for these clients means I can get a huge discount for link placements.

The sites had to pass the following criteria:

  1. TF and CF 15 and above
  2. DR 20+
  3. Traffic
  4. Did NOT offer public links
  5. No spam
  6. We’re real websites in real niches
Here's another Batch Analysis Of The Domains I've Got For You

and here's some Majestic SEO metrics...

So Here's What I'd Like To Introduce to You Today...

Real Content With Your Links, on Hard-To-Find Domains

“An Impossible-to-Copy, Link-Building Strategy That Gives You Great Rankings and Relevancy That Keeps Google On Your Side"...

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get

  • Premium link(s) in hand-written Guest Posts from niche specific, real powerful website
  • Super fast indexing for rapid results that pisses off my competitors (and yours)
  • A summary report of what I’ve done for you (not everything is revealed in the report)
  • My personal support
* BONUS In addition to everything above, you’ll also get my personal rank-strategy guide so you can go off and do this all yourself (if you really want to)

So When Can I Expect Results?

Every site is different, and some just rank faster than others. No denying that.

Typically, a well optimized site will rank within a few weeks or less. More competitive keywords, a bit longer.

But Barry, Do You Have a Guarantee?

Yes. My guarantee is extremely simple.

If you’re simply unhappy for any reason, I will put the money back in your hands within 48 hours.

And, I’ll even let you keep the bonuses AND the links just for saying thanks for trying me out.

How many keywords can you rank for me?
(and other comment questions)

1 keyword per URL (please select your desired amount of links using the extras options)

  • Does this work with non-English websites?
Yes, but the content I use for the links will be in English. This will STILL work.

  • Does this work on new websites?
Yes. But the ranking may take longer than usual.

How long does it typically take to see results?

Every website and keyword is different. But, assuming everything the same, results typically take a few weeks. You can contact me during or after this time frame to follow up about your results.

  • Will this make me money?
If you target profitable keywords with search traffic, when you’re on page 1, you’re already at the bank. If you’re website is poorly optimised though, and you don’t know how to sell, I can’t be responsible for converting your visitors into customers.

So What About The Price?

As I mentioned earlier, I started this for my own websites to get REAL RESULTS AND SAVE MONEY. So what you’re getting here, would typically cost 3 times as much if you bought these things from most other SEOs.

But I’ve packaged this up so you don’t have to spend time and money searching in different places for what you need. Everything you need to rank is right here.

Here’s How Much it Might Cost You by Ordering these Things Separately or Just Doing it Yourself...

  1. Premium guest posting can cost $300 just for the prospecting alone (that's not even including the links)
2. Links on extremely high powered domains Can Set You Back Anywhere from $297 to $800++

3. Time spent searching for quality vendors you can trust- Priceless? I don’t know about you, but I can never put a price on my time.

Easy is It To Order?

It'll take you less than 30 seconds to fill out the order form.


All I need from you is...

  1. Your target URL(s)

  2. Your target anchor text

  3. And that’s it!

So Click That Order Button Right Now, and I'll Lock You In at The Early Bird Pricing Today

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the inside!

- Barry A. Page

p.s. Remember this is a strategy that's impossible to copy (meaning you'll have an edge over your competition). These are high quality links from hand-selected domains, in your niche. All links are 100% permanent! Lock in your early bird pricing now.

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