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I kept getting a lot of questions about my Community Guest Posting Service to Top 10+ Authority Guest Post Sites service. In that service, we submit to the top 10 community guest posting sites (based on your niche). However, this service is the same except for only 5 community guest post site submissions. It's the same great service, only cheaper and more affordable for those that want to try out these sites and this service.

How it works - what we do

In this service, we will create 5 fresh and unique articles which we'll then submit to our choice of the top 5 community guest posting sites. This will depend on your niche as certain sites work better with certain niches.

We'll then submit each article to each site for you, making sure that each article has backlinks to your site within them. We'll also use several unique images in each article, and we can include videos too if you have them.

When we are complete with everything, we'll deliver the service to you with all of your community guest post submissions links (the URL's to those submissions). If you like we can do some extra things (see Extras below).

Price: Just $50!

How to order

1. Place your order with any desired extras you want.
2. Tell me about the website or product you want to use.
3. Give me a 1-2 URLs and keywords and we'll do the rest.
4. In 5 days or less, we'll deliver a full report to you.

Features of our Community Guest Posting Service

  • A super powerful service done simply for effective results!
  • A real great way to build powerful permanent backlinks that count!
  • Perfect for Growth Hacking, Brand Awareness, Publicity and Credibility!
  • Improved Google Ranking Positions through Natural Organic SEO.
  • Helps to build super high authority contextual natural organic backlinks.
  • Helps to build brand awareness, great for promotion and marketing.
  • Directly increases your Internet presence and your social media presence indirectly.
  • Improves your website/domains DA/PA, TF/CF and all that other good stuff!
FAIR PRICE POLICY! I keep my prices fair and reasonable! Considering all the writing and submission work involved. As well as any extras work we do. And compared to what other providers are selling guest post submissions to these sites these days (up to $400 for just 5 sites!) We are only charging a $50 for the service to 5 sites with all unique articles all written and submitted in one reasonably priced super service!


How long is the turnaround time to complete?
We'll say 7 days for good measure since it will take some time to write your articles and submit them and you can't rush a good thing!
Can I provide you with my own articles?
Not really since we are expected to write specific types of content on these sites and yours might not match what they're looking for.
Can I promote my homepage?
It's not really advised to do that unless it's done really naturally. If we can do it naturally yes but otherwise it's best to use a long soft URL (something non-promotional).
What niches can this be used with?
Virtually any niches and some others like gambling, casino etc, weight loss pharma stuff apart from adult stuff or anything NSFW (Not Safe for Work).
How many articles do you create?
We will create unique articles to post on each site. We'll write up to 10 unique articles minimum of around 500 words minimum per article.
How many URLs and Keywords can I use?
We can use just the 1 URL or 10 different URLs if you prefer. We'll try to get you a homepage link but generally only use one or two links per guest post.
Is there are a money back guarantee if no links exist?
Yes if we don't successfully get you a link with your guest post we'll refund you the difference or work something our for you (do more posts or something).
Are all these guest post links do follow?
Most of them are! Some aren't but are still worth having from sites like these of course. You get a healthy mix of contextual do/nofollow non/anchored links.
Is this guest posting service Google safe?
If it wasn't we wouldn't be using these sites and if it wasn't neither would the hundreds to thousands of other webmasters, bloggers and affiliate marketers. Links from these sites are completely 100% Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and RankBrain safe.
How much traffic will I get from these guest posts?
You may get some depending on what your product or angle we take is and depending on how interesting that is based on how many people are looking for it. But this service is more about the SEO benefit it can have for your rankings in the Search Engines.
Can I promote affiliate products/links?
No! These sites don't like things that are commercial in nature. Your guest post will be on something interesting from a unique and interesting angle.
What details do you require?
At minimum, we'll need to know your website URL or an interesting post from your blog or something.
Do I get a report when it's completed?
Of course! We'll deliver all of your guest post links so you can visit and read them yourself.

For any more questions just send me a quick message.

Listen entrepreneur, you can't buy high quality, contextual guest post backlinks like these done in this way for less. We're not guaranteeing 1st page rankings (although some low-medium competition keywords can be ranked using these guest posts alone). And while just 10 of these high authority guest posts can be built in a week which can have a positive effect on your rankings by week 2! We're so confident that this service will increase your rankings for low-medium / medium competition keywords after just one time that if it doesn't, we'll do it for you again half price! After all, these guest post sites work really really well when used consistently. While using the service once can improve your rankings, using the service again can make a real difference in terms of the traffic you eventually go on to get and the ranking improvements you see because of it. And just through this kind of SEO and marketing that it provides alone.

So just place your order and send me your website, links and keywords.

After liaising with you we'll get started on your order immediately.

Thank you and we look forward to your order!

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    Hi G hmmm are you sure? I've just checked by searching for them "in quotes" and some of them are showing in Google. These are very high authority sites so you shouldn't have to do any indexing of them. However, I may add indexing and some additional extras to boost indexing. I suggest (recommend even) on your next purchase, you order with the indexing extras as well to help with that. Message me if you want to discuss anything further.

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    Please PM samples of your work. Thanks.

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