1,000+ Private Blog Networks - Drip Feed To 30 Days - DA 5 To 30 - KING's SEO for $20

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Order Up To 800+ PBN's
DA/TF 5 to 30+ at an affordable price!
4-Day Drip Feed By Default
You can order for up to 30-day drip feed.
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x100 PBN = $20 = $0.20 Per PBN
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x800 PBN = $120 = $0.15 Per PBN
Our OWN Network
We don't use anybody else's. This network belongs to us!
x100 PBN for $20
This PBN network will probably be the cheapest you'll find. Resellers are welcome!

1,000+ Private Blog Networks - Drip Feed To 30 Days - DA 5 To 30 - KING's SEO

Update: Our team has over 1,000+ Private Blog Networks. We add around 50+ new PBN per month!


First and foremost, let's start off with some SEO statistics!

  • At least 68% of internet experiences start off with the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  • According to data, 0.78% of searchers on Google click on second-page results. Your ranking matters!
Backlinks are necessary in the SEO world if you're looking to rank.

Why should a blogger purchase backlinks to rank?

  • You can get traffic which can convert to money. Over 53% of all website traffic comes from the search engine.
  • 60% of website owners claim that SEO provides them the highest quality of leads.
Still not important to you?

Let's take a look at the statistics of backlinks.

  • According to data, most of the top-ranking websites get 'followed' backlinks from different websites at up to 14.5% every month.
So as you can see, the more backlinks a page has - the more traffic from search engines it can get.


With KING's Network, you can utilize this opportunity to test on your websites, test projects, or whatever you want!

You can use these links however you like.

Here's how to order:

Step 1: Choose your package. (100, 250, 400, 600, 800)

Step 2. Choose if you want to drip feed or not. With drip-feed, we can give provide you backlinks that will be spread out for the days requested. If you order 600 PBNs and requested a 30-day drip feed, you will receive approximately 20 PBNs per day.

By default, your PBNs will be 4 days if you didn't choose any drip feed options.

Step 3. Submit and send us 3 URLs and 3 Keywords!


PBN Network Info

These PBNs are own, created, and managed by our team. When we're delivering your PBN links, you can expect these links to be from DA/TF 5 to 30+


We do NOT accept adult, gambling, or pharma sites to ensure the safety and reputation of our PBN network.


The indexation rate for these PBN is up to 90%, which is great considering that you're getting a large number.


Since we're protecting our PBN network and ensure the safeness for the betterment of its future, you will a report from our SEO tools showing limited information to keep our network safe.

We can't risk anything for our current and future clients.


The delivery time by default is 7 days if you didn't check any of the drip feed options.


Refund Policy: We will refund if we're unable to execute your order.


Feel free to test it out! Much love from the KING team!

Ordering the $20 package will automatically get you 100 PBN and 4-day drip feed by default.

You can check out the extras to add more to the package.

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