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If ranking for any moderately competitive keywords and keeping up with Google's updates and algorithm changes are what you sought for, this is the service for you...
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We understand that Google needs a wide range of High Quality links, and that's what we give.
We do untiring, manual, SEO optimization and build ONLY quality backlinks.

You will agree that the on-page SEO could be an easy one, building quality backlinks can be more tedious, expensive and extremely time consuming. So here to save you the hassle

What do I get for $34?

  • Step 1: review your site by conducting an SEO website audit and provide you with recommendations to improve your website's ranking power.
  • 1 TF/CF 20+ Self Hosted PBN Post
  • 2 Expired PA30+ Over-Blog Links
  • 5 Expired PA30+ Tumblr Links
  • 25+ Profile Links
  • 25+ EDU & GOV Links
  • 30 web 2.0 Properties posts with full login details
  • 20 Social Bookmarks Posts with full login details
  • Step 2: write fully SEO Optimized Article for your submissions.
  • Step 3: Relevant Un-WaterMarked Images.
  • Step 4: 400+ link juice as TIER2 & TIER3 links creating awesome amount of powerful and natural link juice to the Tier1 links.
  • Manual and natural link indexation.
  • Complete report will be sent to you upon delivery

Add More Value to Your Site Ranking Power with Unique Domain Postings and Diverse Link Building from our EXTRAS below - Highly Recommended

Does this work?
Very sure yes, our customers are always happy with our service, your's surely can't be an exception!
We can do keywords tweaking as possible so it gets a natural look.
Safe and Secure.
Search Engines naturally index backlinks and this takes up to 2-3 weeks before indexing.

The beauty of our service is that we sought to rank you also on other Search Engines and not only Google.


What kind of website do you accept?

  • We accept all kind of website, except porno links.

How many URL and Keywords do you need?
  • Only 1 URL and up to 5 keywords.
  • Order Extras if you've got more links
  • We will be doing some diversification with longtail keywords, brand name and sometimes a few generic keywords. But this is your package you can do whatever you wish with your keywords.

Do you accept foreign websites / keywords?
  • Any language is accepted.But we use English articles with your foreign keywords, but all keywords must use standard characters.

What can I do to give more power to my ranking factor?
  • Do a proper OnPage SEO, we'll give you OnPage report and recommendations too, and ordering also among the EXTRA services below gives you more ranking power.

Do you guarantee results with your service?
  • Our Guarantee is based on many constraints. We can only go by our past & present results for other clients. Cos, everyone's site behaves differently. But, we hope you could also rank high.
  • Also ordering our extras gives your Campaign more ranking power.

For mild competitive KWs how long will it take to rank such KWs in page one of search ?
  • It varies, depending on site health, history and authority. But 3-6 months of SEO CONTINUITY would be worth everything.

Is there any chance I get penalized by Google?
  • If it is possible to penalize any website using our strategy, then we would penalize our competitors' websites first. Thus by penalizing all our competitors websites we would get the top position in search engines easily. So, there is no chance of getting penalized by google for using any of our Services, it is completely SAFE.

Do you offer any custom SEO package?
  • Sure yes, we can tailor a package for your needs, just Contact Us and we can discuss it

Service EXTRAs Specifications:
Lite Pack :

  • 1 Self-Hosted PBN Posts (TF25+ DA20+)[/*]
  • 40+ Web 2.0 Submissions (PR 1-8)
  • 25+ Social Bookmarks (PR 1-8)
  • 10+ Article Submissions (PR 1-6)
  • 700+ link juice from TIER 2 & TIER 3 links

Midget Pack:
  • 3 Self-Hosted PBN Posts (TF25+ DA20+)
  • 60+ Web 2.0 Submissions (PR 1-8)
  • 35+ Social Bookmarks (PR 1-8)
  • 10+ Article Submissions (PR 1-9)
  • 20+ EDU & GOV Backlinks
  • 5 Press Releases Submissions (PR 3-9)
  • 1000+ link juice from TIER 2 & TIER 3 links

Hefty Pack:
  • 5 Self-Hosted PBN Posts (TF25+ DA20+)
  • 100+ Web 2.0 Submissions (PR 1-8)
  • 50+ Social Bookmarks (PR 1-8)
  • 10+ Article Submissions (PR 1-9)
  • 50+ EDU & GOV & Profile Backlinks
  • 5 Press Releases Submissions (PR 3-9)
  • 10 Doc Sharings (PR 3-9)
  • 10 Classified Posts (PR 4-9)
  • 5 WEB Blog Posts (PR 5-9)
  • 5 High PR Directory Listings
  • 3 WordPress Blog Posts
  • 3 Weebly Blog Posts
  • 3 Joomla Blog Posts
  • 3 PureVolume Blog Posts
  • 1 Video Creation, Video Optimization And 5 Top Video Distribution (PR 4-9)
  • 2000+ link juice from TIER 2 & TIER 3 links

Our Other Service

Press Release Submissions
Authority Backlinks
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Kindly shoot us a Private Message if you have any Question!!!

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SEO is getting harder – it takes 10 times more effort than it used to! But thats why we love it

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User Ratings

  • Patlach
    Patlach 6 months ago

    How come you deliver if I disn’t send you the article?

    • SerpsManager

      As said, your order was processed with our own generated articles.
      Your articles to be sent will be used as added advantage. 

  • nmnetmedia
    nmnetmedia 3 years ago

    Very nice work! Thank you very much.. will buy again here

  • markuslowien
    markuslowien 3 years ago

    Very good work. Wil definitely come back and order more

    • SerpsManager

      Thank you greatly

  • laravel
    laravel 3 years ago


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      Thank you for choosing our services

  • idealmike
    idealmike 3 years ago

    Thanks for explaining. That is great. Thank a lot. A+++

  • TycoonWar
    TycoonWar 3 years ago

    Good work.. let see how it goes...

  • MarZina
    MarZina 3 years ago

    Work is good but giving multiple links from same website.If the seller did not give same website link many times then i will order more & more ! 60% work is good !!

    • SerpsManager

      Thanks for the critic and your positive. We already found a way to correct that and will surely get you links from unique domains. Hope to work more on your project.

      Kind Regards

  • geezaboo24
    geezaboo24 3 years ago

    Thank you. Worth every penny!

    • SerpsManager

      Thank you for using our service. Will appreciate to further work on your project.
      Best Regards

  • rior1
    rior1 3 years ago

    Fantastic work ,well put together and delivered in a timely fashion will defiantly be using serps manager again and long term
    Thank you

    • SerpsManager

      Great time with Rior, more thanks to you for your patience and understanding.

      Best Regards.

  • idealmike
    idealmike 3 years ago

    Thanks A++++++++++++++++++++++

    • SerpsManager

      Thank you Mike.
      Great working with you

  • vigo4u
    vigo4u 3 years ago

    Hi thanks for good job will give u more

    • SerpsManager

      Thank you for using our service.
      Will be glad to work more on your project.

      Best Regards,

  • marcusjsmith
    marcusjsmith 3 years ago

    thank you!

    • SerpsManager

      More thanks to you.
      Will appreciate to work more on your project.


  • Jacob38
    Jacob38 3 years ago


    • SerpsManager

      Thank you for using our service.

      Kind Regards,

  • amersfoorter
    amersfoorter 3 years ago

    Thanks great service

    • SerpsManager

      Thank you for using our service.
      Will appreciate to work more on your project.


  • Infosicurezza
    Infosicurezza 3 years ago

    Thanx very great job !!

    • SerpsManager

      More thanks to you.
      Will appreciate to work more on your project.


  • term
    term 4 years ago

    Ty again likes good!

    • SerpsManager

      Many thanks to you. My most pleasure.

      Best Regards,

  • term
    term 4 years ago

    This is professional work it the best seo in times thank you i recommend it too all And whey do business now! together i love it regards term seo buyer.

    • SerpsManager

      Awesome buyer, we appreciate your time with us and would love to work more on your project.


Buyers Comments

  • Leactis

    hello my name is Luiz Carlos
    I'm from Brazil.
    u can really put my website on the first page?

    4 years ago
  • Leactis

    How many keywords can I use?

    4 years ago
  • Leactis

    My sit is not sales.
    is a social networking site, where visitors can send phrases or poem of free form.

    our financial returns are the ads from google, which will be visited by visitors.

    4 years ago
  • SerpsManager

    Sure yes, we can rank your website higher, but might need more campaign to hit the first page

    4 years ago
  • sokhabiz

    my site not sale !!
    is website website google adsese. can do it?

    4 years ago
  • SerpsManager

    we can work on your website also.
    Kindly submit your order

    4 years ago
  • altphysfit21

    Hi! I just purchased an order from you for $12 and recieved no order confirmation like normal...I did however receive a paypal receipt...anyway you can help me with this? Thanks!

    4 years ago
  • SerpsManager

    Hi Altphysfit21,
    I could not also find your order on my side also. Please send a message to the SEOClerks admin through tell them regarding this, and i'm sure they'll do something fast about it.

    And thank you for your order and interest in my service.

    Kind Regards,

    4 years ago
  • Neptun

    Hello man!
    Can you send please details and some samples about this service please?

    4 years ago
  • faizalah

    do u can service my web from indonesian keyword? Please inbox ya

    4 years ago
  • mcsehriyar

    Hi , can you make my website hight 1st ? please reply

    3 years ago
  • SerpsManager

    No SEO can vividly guarantee you rankings, but we will take all possible measures to help you on this. And also we'll need your target keywords to really determine this. We can also say this is achievable since it is for the local search, but if you're for the long term, then Page One is greatly achievable.


    3 years ago
  • brucesun

    i have a inner page
    kws: godaddy coupon renewal, godaddy ssl coupon
    position: 70-100, could i use your service rank it on top page?

    3 years ago
  • SerpsManager

    Hi BruceSun,
    Yes you can rank on the top pages with our service, but for better and more higher improvement, we recommend you add our 1st and/or 2nd extras or 3rd extra of this service.
    And one last things, you should not expect the top ten with only one campaign, this service can get you up from the initial 70-100 positions to say 40-70 positions with one campaign, but this solely depends on your site health, and OnPage factors, nonetheless, you could rank even more higher than that.

    GoDaddy coupons is somewhat competitive, and we suppose 3-4 or more campaigns should get you the top 10 positions.

    Looking forward to your order.

    Thank you

    3 years ago
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