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  • The Ultimate Ranking Jumper SEO Service Package includes following:

Tier 1: Tier 1 will be directly connected to your website.
20-30 Web 2.0 Blog Permanent Manually Create on high-Quality Private Blog Network from PR 9, PR 8, PR 7 and PR 6 High Authority Websites (Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr & Weebly etc). That means your website will boost up on most trusted and best-ranked sites on Google.
a) I will post the spun article that is relevant to your niche to each web 2.0 blog. (You can send me your own article also).
b) I will find relevant image and video from Google to post on each blog post.

Tier 2: Tier 2 will not connect to your site directly, but is connected with all Tier 1 Web 2.0 Blog.
150 High Authority Backlinks from Powerful juice with High PR Sites in the WORLD (Apache/Foursquare/Apple/Flickr/Berkeley/Issue /Disqus/CNN/Dell/IBM and more)
100% Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird Safe and Whitehat PR10, PR9, PR8 & PR7 BACKLlNKS.

a) 20 PR9 Backlinks
b) 20 Edu and Gov Backlinks
c) 20 PR8 Social Networking & Document Sharing Backlinks
d) 20 Profile Backlinks
e) 20 Image Sharing & PDF Sharing Backlinks

Tier 2: Tier 3 will not connect to your site directly, but is connected with all Tier 2 Web 2.0 Blog.
  • Tier 3 - 20,000 Multi Platform Mix GSA Backlinks for indexing well.

a) The natural mix of no and do-follow Backlinks Guaranteed
b) Links back to your website with keywords where possible(Huge SEO Boost)

What I Need To Start Order
1. URL (Just one link)
2. Up to 10 Keywords
3. Small description about your website (Less than 300 words)

Q: Are these links do-follow?
A: Most links are do-follow and few links no-follow, contextual, anchored and non-anchored to stay more natural when the links are indexed.

Q: Is this SEO Service Package Google safe?
A: These links are 100% Google Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird safe! Most Backlinks are from high quality & authority sites with few outbound links, so old domain, contextual and relevant.

Q: Is This SEO package Google Ranking Improvement GUARANTEED?
A: Yes, This SEO service Package is Ranking Improvement GUARANTEED. Normally, you will see ranking improvement after 3-4 weeks from my order completion. Google take normally 3-4 weeks to get index all links and get rank.

Q: What benefit you going to get from This service?
A: Exactly, You are going to get best & real Google Ranking improvement from your last ranking position.

Q: How many URL & Keywords can you use?
A: You can use 1 website URL and 10 Keywords maximum. I will use a diversity of keywords and naked URL that will be safe for Google Penguin Update.

Q: Do you accept all Niche Website?
A: Yes, I accept all niches website as like Gambling, Porn, Escort, Pharmacy, Hacking etc.

Q: Do you accept all Language website?
A: Yes, I accept all languages website from a world.

Q: What Kind of report do I get?
A: I will provide the report in Excel, Notepad, and Google docs also. You will see different tabs of each phase.

Q: Do you offer any discounts on multiple orders?
A: Yes, Currently I offer 4 get one FREE, Please “follow” me to get the update any special discount and offers.

Q: I am interested, how can I order?
A: Just scroll down the page and see ORDER NOW button below this text, press it, pay, view your order, submit your details. After few minutes, we’ll say hello to you.

Terms & Condition: POSITIVE Feedback is always appreciated! I don’t expect any NEGATIVE Feedback or Bad Comment. Please do not leave NEGATIVE Feedback or Bad Comment. If you are not completely satisfied with my service I have provided, I will do my best to fix the problem or I will refund your money.

Reminder: Your site needs to be on-page SEO optimized for your chosen keywords in order to rank high in the search engines.

To make this service even more powerful, please add the Extras below.

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    Strongly recommended shamir88bds

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    excellent work

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      Thanks for your comment. It's really glad to hear that you are satisfied with my services. That's all my great services for blogger or webmaster. I will offer more great services as Google latest algorithm soon.
      Have a great day!
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      Google take huge time sir

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      I am glad to work for you!
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  • yaconsyrup
    yaconsyrup 3 years ago

    "​ I will post the unique article that is relevant to your niche to each web 2.0 blog. (You can send me your own article also). I will write Ranking booster Killer SEO Meta Title, Tag & Description for each Web 2.0 Blog."
    - "unique article" are not unique - all 30 articles are scraped-spinned articles from my page - that's mean Google will ignore (this in happy cases).
    Your work is in van dude.
    I won't discuss here what's mean an original article.
    I appreciate yo

    • shamir88bds

      You didn't read my service description properly. I said that I will use the spin article by scraping related article from online. That exactly I have done for you but you just leave a negative rating that very unprofessional. 
      I am excited to see following ranking result after completing a few weeks later;


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      I recommend him
      I have created some manual Backlinks for him that was my first task with him. It was my great experienced. I always try to work highly quality, not quantity. Hope we will work continue soon. Thanks

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    Thank you very good, you service is very interesting and most all helpful to the improvement of my website performance, there was much effort put into doing the job done right by you and is greatly appreciated.

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      I am really appreciated with your valuable comment. Thanks a lot

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    Really good job! I am happy will order again

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      I am really happy to see Ranking Improvement on Google after Few weeks later from Completed order as following:

      I am working continue for him that is long time relationships.

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    After waiting 30 days for the work to be completed and then waiting another 30 days to see the results my rating on google is far worse then it was before you did your magic and the traffic to my website has stopped THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

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    Ok. I will give good rating and please make indexing fast.

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      Thanks.I have added all link to my paid indexer service for free.

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      My goal is to make happy to my customer. I always work as Google panda, penguin and hummingbird algorithm. This is my ultra latest service to improve your website ranking better.
      Have a nice day!

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