160 - 500 Quality Blog Posts on a 600+ PBN and includes a Full Report for $25

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160 - 500 Quality Blog Posts on a 600+ PBN and includes a Full Report


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These Contextual Links Are Ideal For Back Linking Your:
  • Tiers
  • Videos
  • JV Launches
  • Press Releases
  • Churn 'n Burn Sites
  • Web 2.0's
  • Money sites
  • This service is a favourite of SEO providers as part of their packages offered to their clients.

Some of The Niches That This Service Has Worked Well With Include:
  • Industrial Manufacturers & Their Products
  • Health & Beauty
  • Foreign Keywords
  • Wholesalers
  • Seo Promotions
  • Reputation Management
  • Residential Services
  • Amazon FBA
  • Building Services
There is No Auto Scraping of content. All articles & titles are manually selected then spun.

The Offer
  • The standard $25 gig is for 160+ posts to different blogs. No dupes. A Full Report provided.
  • A job can use either 1, 2 or 3 links in posts + an embedded YouTube video
  • You can submit an unlimited number of urls and keywords (IF in spun format) for each one of the 3 available link spots. The number of links & url/keyword combinations chosen are then the same for all posts.
  • You can choose posts to be dofollow or nofollow or a random mix of both. The default is DoFollow.
  • All Non-English keywords are acceptable, but will be placed in English content
  • Gambling Niches accepted
  • If you have Youtube videos, please submit them too, as I can embed them, which makes a post appear more legitimate
  • A Full Live URL Report Provided
  • Default posting time for 160, 250 & 500 posts is 4 days from when job is scheduled to begin posting.
  • If you want them drip fed longer than that, you must tell me. Maximum drip feed for 160 posts is 15 days. For 250 & 500 posts it's 28 days
  • No Porn or Adult keywords accepted. If in doubt, contact me before ordering.

The Network
  • Average DA/PA is 20+ and CF/TF 10+.
  • Average Number of Referring Domains is 100+
  • New domains added every month. All indexed domains are renewed, so you keep your backlinks longer.
  • All blogs are self hosted using different hosting providers. No sub-domains are used.
  • The network is regularly checked for de-indexed blogs, and if found, they're removed.
  • To allow for issues that can arise from time to time on any network, I always over deliver for each order to compensate for such an event.

The Fine Print
  • I cannot guarantee any particular rank improvement, as there are too many variables outside of my control. I sell links, I'm not Google.
  • Once an order is accepted and posting has commenced I cannot change the urls/kws.
  • No refunds are given once posting has commenced.
Get 20 extra posts if you submit 2 x 500+ word articles for each individual job.

Articles must be submitted as either an attached .txt or .doc file. No html or images allowed.
Article content cannot be just a list of items
Article must be at least 4 or 5 or more paragraphs long
Article is relevant to the job topic
If unsure, msg me

Screen shot of the MOZ & Majestic metrics from 100 randomly chosen domains.

What Type of Keywords and How Many Should I Use?
Focus on long tail key phrases, and for say 100 posts, target 2-6, with 1 -2 links per post, for overall best results. Too many keywords dilutes the "backlink juice" from the PBN. And the same with URLs, focus on 1-3 at most, e.g. homepage and 2-3 inner pages

What Are Long Tail Keywords?
Long Tail keywords i.e. low search vol, are 3 - 5 word phrases which are very specific to your niche e.g. "grey sofa" vs "3 seater grey velour sofa". Longtails make up 70% of searches. Longtails lessen the competition, and offer a much better chance of a positive result for your chosen keywords.

When Can I Expect to See Ranking Improvements?
Every site is different and your rank position is mostly determined by the metrics of your site. Factors such as age, authority, quality of content, on-page SEO, competitiveness of the niche etc all afect your final rankings. Backlinks are taken into account, but not to the degree many people think. They can't perform magic

Do Your Guarantee a Particular Rank Result?
Let me say straight off: If I could, I would. And charge accordingly But the truth is, no link seller can tell you, because the main factors in ranking are in your hands. Backlinks can help "suggest" to Google you deserve a higher rank, but they can't perform magic on a low quality site.

How Many Posts Should I Order?
For a young site < 6 mths old, 100 posts would suffice for the first tier of a campaign. For older sites with a decent backlink profile, then 120+ posts would be best. Note that 30 posts lessens any chance of a link warning, it is also unlikely to influence rankings much, unless you're using very, very long tail kw's. For backlinking tiers, then the more posts the better, as the parasite hosts are usually very authorative in Google's view e.g. Twitter, Youtube, Weebly, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogspot and so on.

PBN Metrics
All self hosted TLD's. No Web 2.0's or sub-domains. When purchasing, I focus on a domains backlinks, same as Google, rather than proprietary metrics. But for those that insist, the PBN's av DA is 20 and TF 9.

Note that on 5th Mar '19, Moz adjusted how it calculated DA, causing a large drop across most of the web. This dropped the PBN's DA av from 28 to 20. This didn't affect any ones rankings, as Google doesn't pay attention to such metrics, so why should you?

Why Do You Offer Less Posts Then Some Other Sellers for Same Price?
2 reasons mainly:
  1. The seller is offering posts on Web 2.0 properties only, i.e. they don't own the root domain. Anyone can create a sub-domain on these properties i.e. free
  2. They don't actually have enough sites in their PBN to cover the number of posts offered. Looks great to see "800 posts for $30", but of what use to you if you only get a small % of those claimed posts? They conceal this fact by refusing to offer a full report of post urls.


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Quick 2 day delivery
If the seller fails to deliver the service in the specified time, the order will automatically cancel returning your funds.
250 Posts in Total 15 days $10
24HR or Less Delivery 1 days $15
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No Dupe Guarantee on Past Order. Max Posts of 550 including this job. 1 days $10
500 Posts in Total 15 days $40

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