Domain Authority Google Stacking HIGH DA GOOGLE RANK HIGHER for $100

Domain Authority Google Stacking HIGH DA GOOGLE RANK HIGHER

This service is 100% unique, you will not find this rank pushing strategy for sale anywhere else.We are offering you the very best backlinks you can possible get.We are going to get you backlinks from sites that have a DA of 100.This is a very powerful ranking strategy that nothing else can match.So what does Google love the most?Google loves Google.So let’s get you some powerful DA 100 backlinks from Google.Google is going to absolutely love your site for loving Google too.Right, let’s take a look at what you are going to get with Our Search Engine Ranking Tool;

Step 1:To start off we are going to record a short video of your site and upload it to the description area there will be a link to your money site surrounded by lots of lovely text related to your niche.We will use a full open URL for the anchor.That is your first DA 100 backlink.This is just the start.The video is going to be used throughout the rest of the strategy.Remember, YouTube is one of Google’s subsidiaries.Let’s give Google what it wants, feed it with content for their own sites.

Step 2:Now comes another backlink from a Google owned DA 100 site.We will post a backlink to your money site from only will the post have a backlink to your money site, but it will also have the video we created in step 1 embedded in there.Now you have two very powerful Google loving backlinks in place.But we don’t stop there.Now we are going to power up the already really powerful backlink from Google.

Step 3:We have not finished yet.We are going to power up the Google site.How are we going to do that?We are going to use high PA/DA Web 2.0 sites.Not just any Web 2.0 sites.We are going to use high PA Web 2.0 sites that already have backlinks pointing to them.We will drop a backlink to all our Powerful Google entities from 5 rank pushing powerful Web 2.0 sites.Each of the 5 Web 2.0 sites will link to each other.This strategy is very powerful indeed.All this lovely ranking juice flows down to your money site.Each and every one of the 5 Web 2.0 sites will have our YouTube video embedded into the post too.

Step 4:Next we are going to build some more Google entities and link them to the site set up in step 2.So not only does your money site get some super powerful DA 100 backlinks, but your Tier 1 site gets some super powerful DA 100 backlinks too.So where do we get these backlinks from?

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms
All of these have a DA of 100 too.Each and every one of these sites will link to the step 2 site and of course our YouTube video too.They will also link to the Web 2.0 sites that were set up in step 3.

Step 5:We are still going with the power here.Next we are going to power up the 5 Web 2s created in step 3 with high page authority Tumblr backlinks.Each of the 5 Web 2.0 sites will get 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks.Even the Tumblr blogs will have backlinks pointing to them already, so you can imagine the power of this ranking strategy.These 5 Web 2s also link to the Google entities created in step 4.What Happens Next?That’s the very powerful ranking strategy in place.The next step is to index the site using Google console.Then you just sit back and wait for the ranking magic to happen.The strategy takes around 7 hours to complete, hence the price.It is very much so worth the money.The strategy works and it will save you a lot of time.

Please Note: You do not get the login details to any of the sites. We accept orders in any language at all. This is one ultimate search engine ranking tool, Google just loves itself and is now going to love your site too.All we require is 1 url and 1 anchor - and one main keyword you wish to rank for

Delivery turnaround time: 6-7 days


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