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Pure authoritative Link Juice
Links and embeds from
Google Cloud (DA68)
Amz S3 (DA 87)
MS Azure (DA 61)
Github (DA98)
BackBlaze (DA25)
Alibaba (DA 45)

6 clouds stacked, with 3 legs in the silo (see image below)

1 leg is in English, the other 2 are in differant languages.

These can point at your money site,map, or video

The two forgein languages can also be pointed at the english leg if you dont want them aimed at your targeted URL.

Pure authoritative Link Juice to your Map, Video and Site

We make a page by adding an article on each of these powerful sites, then embed your map and video. Links in first property links out to your map, video and/or money site.

Each cloud has a link to the cloud property above it ,in a silo like fashion. You end up with 6 cloud properties per leg, getting authority and juice to your embeded map and video.

- In a public drive folder we add 5 google doc articles,5 PDFs to EACH leg to further power it up

Cloud links provide in link report

We DO NOT sell rankings but embeds and backlinks
no porn,sex,drugs,pill,ect anything I might find offensive

User Ratings

  • RitRin
    RitRin 9 months ago

    Excellent service by seller

    • fastman

      thank you

Buyers Comments

  • hfsgroup

    how many keywords and url link allow for this offer?

    4 months ago
  • fastman

    5 keywords, 1-2 URLs 2 maps, 2-videos, or anything that is in an iframe. up to 5 embeds total.All of these will be on each cloud page.

    4 months ago
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