CT - Linking NEW method BOOSTS SEO Rank on Google for $179

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CT - Linking NEW method BOOSTS SEO Rank on Google

Don’t settle for simple backlinks or PBN tactics unless they use CT-Linking

If you’re looking to BOOST traffic to your website so you can catapult past your competition… then this may be the most important SEO advertisement you ever read.

Because right now, you’re probably searching through a ton of different SEO ad’s all promising the same exact thing… ‘PBN’ network traffic wondering “Which one of these is the best for me?”.

Sure PBN’s have worked for quite some time now… but the problem is Google and other search engines are cracking down on PBN’s hard-core, and could get your site removed from the Google index FOREVER.


It’s simple- PBN networks essentially ‘trick’ the algorithms to think your site has a bunch of authority due to the quality of links that go back to your site from other sites that already have a high rank.

Now, normally it would be OK to do this but many new PBN providers have gotten really sloppy.

You simply can’t have a bunch of unrelated sites point to the websites you’re trying to rank and ‘fly under’ their radar forever.

Eventually it will all come crashing down like a stack of cards when Google and the other search engines figure you out.

That’s why we created CT-Linking.

CT-Linking stands for ‘Content Targeted’ Linking and it is 10times more effective than regular, ordinary PBN linking.

What’s more… since CT-Linking has domains that are designed to target specific industries and niche’s, it has a much lower chance of being picked up by the search engine algorithms.

Here’s how it works:

Once you place an order for our CT-Linking package, we get to work by researching which one of our sites most closely matches your niche or target audience.

We pick the top sites from over hundreds in our network that actually match your business or industry.

We custom design the ranking strategy using CT-Linking in order to:

- Boost your site rank without risking the search engines picking up your site being on a PBN.

- Rank articles in a specific, targeted niche so your site isn’t connected to some bogus topics.

- Randomize the backlink profiles of the domains pointing back to your site so it seems totally ‘natural’ to search engine algorithms.

- …and much, much more!

Here’s what you get with our premium package:

1. 30 Web 2.0 CT-Backlinks
2. 35 Article Submission Backlinks
3. 50 Social Bookmark Backlinks
4. 50 Blog Comment Backlinks
5. 50 Blog Post backlinks with a Good SEO Metrics on trustworthy blogs that have all been vetted.

It’s a total no-brainer for anyone who wants to improve their domain ranking in a short amount of time, but doesn’t want the risk of having their linking strategy picked up by the search engines.

Now, if you just want some cheap backlinks that could be routing your domain through a ton of pirated, unnatural domains that don’t have any connection to your specific niche or business… go right ahead. There’s plenty of them out there.

But if you want a quality, Content-Targeted Linking strategy that will work for your business without sacrificing your good name… then you need to grab our Premium CT-Linking package, now.

Normally a package like this with high-quality CT-Linking would be well over $500.

But today, we’re offering a first-time customer discount if you grab your package now for only $179.

The catch is, we don’t let just anyone into our network.

We have to approve your domain to be a good fit for our network in order to get this package.

No porn sites or anything unethical like that will be approved, so don’t even think about buying. We’ll issue you a refund immediately.

That’s how we keep our network squeaky clean so we can be invisible to the search engines for a long, long time.

The choice is yours- a risky, un-targeted linking strategy that maybe attractive because it’s so cheap… or a high-quality CT-Linking network that has consistently gotten quality results for clients in the past.

Here are some results we have been achieving since the CT-Linking Method done on some friends and close clients' websites. These are real case studies:-

Affiliate Niche site - 40 Days of Delivering Campaign

Rank 4 for 1 Million Searches

Affiliate Site in Weight Loss Niche

Ecomerce site - Page One in 40 Days

Pet Affiliate Niche - #2 Spot after only 3 CT-Linking Campaign (3 Months time taken)

SEMRush Report – 300% increased traffic in 50 days

So, What to waiting for ? Let's start working on your website SEO and push it to Google top page ASAP.

We understand - "If you have a website, It deserves the First page"

Place your order below. If you have any question , feel free to send us a message. We respond within hours. Sometime in lightening speed. "Always on Computer Guys" ...


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