HQ Backlinks - Higher Quality links for $10

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HQ Backlinks - Higher Quality links

Backlinks help to improve your overall website online presence and juiciness of target

You can use these links to help websites, social sites,citations,guest posts,PBNs,etc

Tier 1 will contain links from web 2.0, Authority profiles, edu links, HQ backlinks. (depending on which level of gig you chose.)
Other tiers will be a mix of of web 2, web2.0 profile sites,wikis,url shortners,bookmarks,etc

1-10 URLS (same niche)

$10 - 45 T1 Links (mostly web2.0) 3 tiers of apx 400 links total.
$20 - level 2 - 100 T1 Links, (mix of sites and can include embeds where allowed)
3 tiers of apx 700 links total.
$27 - level 3 - 220 T1 links (mix of sites and can include embeds where allowed)3 tiers of apx 1000 links total

We post in niche relevant networks or will create one for you.

-We use H tags when allowed in web 2 to improve overall look.
-Image included in post.
-Authority link per post is optional

We use a mix of anchors 30-45-25 Naked-Generic-Branded/Targeted Keywords
If you doing something else then let us know what ratio you want.

All Articles will be spun.

Some of the sites we use:

Link report provided
English only
No porn, gambling, drugs, pills girly sites etc.
We are selling backlinks not rankings

You do not get logins to sites


Hq Backlinks Seo Embeds
100 tier 1 for level 2 only 1 days $10
220 tier 1 for level 3 only 1 days $17

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