Don't be Fooled by Cookie-Cutter SEO services It's time to take your business seriously for $697

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Don't be Fooled by Cookie-Cutter SEO services It's time to take your business seriously

Welcome to The Agency SERPS Accelerator™ Guaranteed Results: Organic Search Marketing for Agency Resellers and Solo-Entrepreneurs, who need “Free” traffic and higher rankings for their clients or personal projects.

Constantly disappointed with the results other [pretend] SEOs promise?

Bought links, packages and services but still not anywhere in the SERPS?

Just need a hands-off (done-for-you) SEO service that you show your clients?

It’s time you stopped paying for cheap, low-quality [bedroom] SEOs and instead let a real agency SEO team, rocket your site to the top of Google.

In a nutshell, here’s some of the ways we’re different from others…

Our White-Hat our Agency SEO service you’re seeing here, includes;

  • A completely customized SEO strategy

  • In-depth competitor analysis Zero automated spam

  • Links from places no-one else here has access to

  • Round-the-clock support

  • One-on-one strategy call (Zoom voice or video call)

  • And best of all, AWESOME RESULTS!

With this service, you’re getting nothing less than MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME RESULTS, provided my me and my team of 9 highly experienced, results-minded SEOs.

So if you’d like to finally quit searching, and hire a team who you’ll absolutely LOVE working with, read on to find out more!

But Firstly, Who am I

My name’s Barry Page, and I’m a long-time British SEO & the most-hired SEO here on SEOClerks.
(Here’s a picture of me looking slimmer than I actually am in real life)

Here on SeoClerk, I’ve generated over 7 figures and worked on nearly 18,000 orders between me and my team.

And today, (Feb 15th, 2021), we’re launching our Agency Level SEO service for the first time on

So What is The Agency SERPS Accelerator™ Service?

A bit of background…

Back in March, 2020, we launched our Agency SEO solutions to hand-full of select clients, under our business™

We focused on providing organic traffic and SEO services, that are private & white-labelled for SEO agencies and resellers.

The ranking results we got (and continue to get), were fantastic. Since that day back in March, we’ve grown to provide even more results, for even bigger and better agencies.

Here’s what one client, Mike had to say after we worked our Serps-Accelerator Magic

Some of our other clients serve famous brands and businesses, such NBA basketball teams, global fast-food chains, and huge ecommerce brands.

*Due to our N.D.A agreements and our promise to our clients, we don’t reveal any client identities or partnerships unless otherwise agreed. Privacy is at the forefront of our beliefs as a team and company, and we respect your privacy too.

What We Actually Do For You

First of all, we get you Google ranking results to help increase your organic traffic and make more sales

in fact, we maybe even get you results like this below (that's 12kUSD in organic traffic revenue)

And we do this, using a process which we’ve proven again and again, even for some of the more competitive keywords in Google’s search engine.

Here’s a closer snapshot of how we work:

Phase 1/Week 1. The Strategy

Using my own unique NuggetHunter™ method, I will personally reverse engineer your competitors backlinks, keywords and anchor-text strategy, to formulate a strategy that will get you to the front page, 7 [ethically] steal search traffic from your competitors.

Phase 2/Week 2. On-Site

Using our results and strategy formulated during phase 1, my team and I will then optimize your on-page SEO, and eliminate any technical errors. This will get your site super smooth, and ranking higher for even more keywords.

Phase 3/Week 1-4. Backlinks

Over 500 in total. (Drip fed from week 1 to 4) Please refer lower down this page for further details.

Phase 4/Week 4. The Sauce™

This is something we only discuss privately with our clients

Interested, just like to find out more?

Book a call with me, or lock your order in now by clicking that order button to the right hand side.

*Note. We’re only allowing a maximum of 10 clients at this time, so don’t miss out!

More About Our Team

When I first started out here on Seoclerks, I was a one-man band SEO. In late 2013, my services became very popular and really took off to the next level in 2018.
During this time of growth, I hired and partnered with many service providers and freelancers, who could help me with my SEO businesses. I fired a lot of them, and became friends with many more.

Eventually, this steady growth and the unique position of being connected with so many people, led me to slowly identify the best SEO service providers in the business. Today, those people make up the people in my team- my role is strategic planning, leading the team and helping them execute on our client goals, as well as their own.

Here’s Just Some of the Talented People/Partners We Have on Our Team Today

  • A real bricks and mortar Press Release distribution company, based out of Ohio in the USA

  • An absolute Reddit beast from India, with aged accounts, creating live links from subreddits, on the “Front page of the internet: Reddit”

  • An anchor text and backlink analysis expert, working from his office in Bangkok, Thailand

  • A talented, and highly reliable content creation team, headed by an on-page SEO expert from Kent, in the United Kingdom

  • A very well-connected Guest Post specialist, who builds powerful links from sites such as Yahoo finance, Marketwatch and other high-traffic, high-powered websites in your niche

And the team list goes on…

In total we have 9 talented SEOs across the world, working remotely on client SEO projects, for our agency and clients at OutSourceYourSEO™.

But What Problem Does This Service Actually Fix for You?

Our SEO clients typically have the same common problems that need solving.

Maybe you fall into one of these categories yourself?

  1. You’ve tried other SEOs and services, and you always end up a little disappointed. If not, highly-frustrated.

    You don’t have time to do your own SEO, or learn new practices because you’re simply too busy running your business (and life) for that.

    You’d rather put this work in the hands of a professional (in our case, 9 highly experienced SEO professionals)

    You’re running paid ads, and fear your account will suddenly close one day. You know that organic traffic will help eliminate this fear, as it acts an insurance against closed ad accounts, and also ads another layer of traffic and income to your business.

What Results Can You Expect?

Depending on what we’re working on, speed of results can vary greatly.

However, we do actually GUARANTEE results for all our clients. *details on how that works further below this page.

What do We Deliver to You?

When you order our core service, here’s some of the steps we carry out (some steps hidden to protect our methods, but all processes are discussed in private with our clients once onboard).

A: Your details will be sent to our keyword specialist, to analyse for competition and how well your URL is optimized for that keyword. (advisory changes such as meta data and content adjustments will be suggested)

B: Our anchor text and backlinks specialist will then find your direct competitors, and reverse-engineer their SEO strategy.

C: This then gets forwarded to our SEO strategist, who compiles and assigns a plan of action across our monthly internal schedule planner.

D: From there, each one of our dedicated team members gets to work, building accounts, and the links assigned in step 3.

E: Progress reports and deliverables, will then be collated throughout the month, and delivered in presentable reports, on-time, every-time.

This is what you’ll get with this service (excluding any extras or upgrades available before checkout)

*Numbers displayed in (brackets) represents the number of items you can expect with our base level service. 

You'll get over 500 total backlinks, including:

  • Full keyword research Competition analysis
  • Domain and URL technical audit
  • Keyword Optimization report
  • Customized anchor text and backlink strategy
  • Live Keyword tracking
  • Weekly Support
  • (50+) links with our Google stacks campaign
  • (150+) links with our Alpha PLUS campaign (this sells for $149 as a stand-alone service on SeoClerks)
  • (5x) High Metric website links
  • (280x) Niche Blog Comments (tier 2 for high metric website links)
  • (1x) Niche Edit link on high metric domain(1x) Aged account Reddit Link with upvotes
  • (2x) Hand-written content (n/a)
  • Hidden processes, only discussed when project has started

And you also get a dedicated support staff on hand if you need anything answered while we’re carrying out your campaign(s).

But What’s the Value To You?

Can I ask you a quick question?

So, when we get you to page 1 of Google for your target keywords, how much revenue will your website be generating for you every month?

Is it…

$300 in monthly revenue?,
$3000 in monthly revenue?,
or even $10k ++ in monthly revenue??

Whatever monthly revenue you predict you’ll make, a simple calculation will give you the answer to why we’re so valuable to our clients.

Just deduct the cost of our services from any number you chose above, and that’s the revenue you’ll be making after hiring our services.

One quick example;

$3000 in monthly revenue, minus the cost of our Full-Scope SEO service ($697) = $2303

So that’s $2303 monthly revenue, generated with organic traffic through SEO.

When our prospects come to us and first realize this, it usually doesn’t take long for them to place their order. And I don’t think it will take you long to order either.

What Does The Guarantee Look Like?

First off, yes, this service comes with a ranking guarantee

However, please understand that if I were to promise you page 1 for absolutely any keyword in any amount of time, I would be over-promising you on things I might not be able to deliver upon. I’m not prepared to do that.

So instead of giving a blanket guarantee for all keywords, we provide you with the option for us to research the best keyword opportunity within your budget. We also discuss time expectations, and guarantee results with our agreed-upon terms.

Some other ways in which we help you do this, is by guiding you through our simple-optimization practices & giving Google all the signs that your site deserves to be on page 1 in the search results.

Any Bonuses for New Clients?

It’s 2021 already and by now, most of us have seen that bonuses are either useless, or just a sales tactic to sell you another product.

I’m not trying to oversell this service to you if you don’t really need it. (After all, who buys SEO services by accident?)

So to my point, I feel bonus material will be misleading and possibly distracting from the main service we’re providing you with.
Once you’re onboard, you’ll see that we don’t want to send you generic information. We would rather discuss the details of your site, and your specific goals with organic traffic in your business.

So How Easy (and Quick) is it to order?

Most of our clients are agencies, who outsource their client SEO work to us. We wanted to make our process as easy as possible for the agencies, so purposefully made the ordering process EXTREMELY easy.

Here’s How It Works

After placing your order, you’ll be directed to a page and asked for the target URL, and at least 1 target keyword*

After that, you simply hit submit, we will confirm your order (within 24hrs) and then we’ll begin with the optimization processes *maximum URLs and keywords depend on level ordered

What to do now 
If you have at least 1 URL and a target keyword ready, you already have everything you need to place order right now.

For multiple URLs and keywords, please select the appropriate service level and any extras if you need them.

So, hit that order button on the right hand side, spend the next 30 seconds providing your URL and keyword(s), and that’s it. We’ll get started and be in touch!

Thanks for reading and Im looking forward to working with you.

Click Here to OutsourceYourSEO™ or click the green order now button on the right, with this service and lets get you to the front page of Google

p.s. Remember, every order comes with a team of 9 talented SEOs, and your own SEO support who will be a single point of support and contact, throughout the duration of your campaign.

This service comes with a ranking guarantee for every order placed.

Not quite convinced yet? Still on the fence? Have more questions? Fine, but remember these spots are limited (and we sell out often)

After hiring us, you’ll never need to look for another SEO based solution, ever again.
We’ve got you.

What's included

Title OptimizationMeta DescriptionH1, h2, h3 TagsPersonalised SEOProgress Reports


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