Advance Google Entity Stacking from Google own Properties Backlinks to get Google top Search Results for $10

99% (101)

Best Effective Google Advance Stacking
This Google Entity or Drive Stacking service is Manual and Effective for Top Google Ranking

Advance Google Entity Stacking from Google own Properties Backlinks to get Google top Search Results

Multi Tier and Multi Layer Backlinks Pyramid with Advanced Google Entity Stacking/Drive Stacking/Map Stacking to get Google Top Search Result Page.

Hi Guys We are RANKURL Team. We are here and We offers an Advance Google Entity Stacking for Your Unique Google First Page Ranking. Here I will Provide you with my SEO team the Following Services:-

A Google Authority Stack is a great collection of Google products like Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and Others containing company information are stacked on top of each other and made public, taking full advantage of Google’s own properties

Google Authority Stacking will Include:
Tier-1 Secret Google 18 Authority Stacking from following Properties;
  • Blogger (DA 99),
  • Google Sites(DA 98)
  • Drive(DA 100),
  • Document/Docs (DA 99),
  • Spreadsheets/Sheets (DA 99),
  • Forms(DA 99),
  • Slider/Presentation (DA 99),
  • Events(DA 95),
  • G Drawing (95+)
  • Blogger Profile (DA 99),
  • Geo-Tagged Images Folder (10 geotag images)
  • G PDF Folder (Add 1 PDF docs)
  • G Calendar (With 1 entries & backlinks & data included)
  • G Sheet Keywords (Added info with 4+ tabs/pages for 101 related keywords on each tab)
  • Feed burner (DA 95)
  • Analytics (DA 95+)
  • Search Console (DA 95+)
  • Google Bookmarks (DA 95+)
All of These Properties are only Googles Own Property and Product. If you get Backlinks from these sites and Properties I hope its enough to get your site google Top Search Position.

Tier 2 –100 Handmade Manual High Authority Links from DA/DR50+ and up World Highest Reputable Sites.

You will get the following benefits in this package:
  • Increase ranking
  • Permanent links from high authority websites
  • the technique is recommended by G platform
  • it is 100% white-hat so you don't have to worry about any penalties
These 18 high-authority Google assets are great for building your brand, Website improving awareness, and generating credibility with Google. I can further expand the power of the stack by generating backlinks to it, promoting it with social signals or transferring it to a Google Domain. Since I am using Google entities, you don’t need to worry about being penalized!

Boost Organic Google Ranking

Like every other link-building service out there, we do not provide any ranking guarantee with our service. While we offer you one of the best links available, we can't guarantee anything because there are tons of other ranking factors that affect rankings, which we don't have control over.

My features and guarantee:
  • High DA/PA backlinks.
  • 100% Manual Work
  • White Hat methodology technique.
  • Natural mixture of anchored and non-anchored.
  • Natural mixture of no-follow & do-follow backlinks.
  • Unique information processing in each submission.
  • Service supported the newest Google updates
  • Friendly for all search engines.
  • Work detailed report.
  • Search engines love contextual links
  • Permanent links from high authority websites
  • All are contextual links
  • Google loves these links

What We Need From You to get Started:
1. Website URL (1 is good for 1 order)
2. Keywords (Maximum-5) Please Put Your keywords one per line
3. A Targeted Title- 50-80 Character.
4. Unique Article (400-1200 Words).Note: For Non-English Website - You need to send a 300-1000 words a unique article must, you can send also a spun/spin format article (Your website language article). I don't create any non-English articles. You must send Please...
You can select multi-quantity scrape unique articles from Extras.
5. Image/Photo (Must-5+): You can send your image URL/Link.
6. Video (optional): You can send your any Video URL/Link.
7. Audio (optional): You can send your any audio URL/Link.
8. Google Maps Links
9. Others.

Hot Offer for Limited Time:
Buy 5, you will get free 1
Buy 10, you will get free 2
Buy 15, you will get free 3
Buy 20, you will get free 5

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question):-
1. Are these links Do-follow?
Ans: Most links are do-follow and few links no-follow, contextual, anchored, and non-anchored to look more natural on Google's Eye when the links are indexed.

2.How many URL's and keywords am I allowed?
Ans: We need one URL and up to 5 keywords for this package for Single Order.

3. Are these backlinks Google safe.
Ans: These links are 100% Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird safe. Most of the backlinks will be created from high quality & Google's Own Properties. These all is Contextual and relevant Unique Content so No RISK.

4. Do you accept all Niche Websites?
Ans: Yes, I accept all niches websites like BUT No Adult & Alcohol please!

5. Do you accept all Language's Website of the World?
Ans: YES, I accept all the languages website of the world.

6.Do you offer a guarantee ranking?
Ans: This Service is 100% Ranking and Improvement guarantee.

7. Are you Really Work Manually???
Ans: Aw 101% manual.

To increase Your Links indexing chance, do not forget to order Tier 2 Backlinks from The Extra and must use Scraped unique articles from Extra.

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