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Wait Let's tell you some simple secrets of SEO to know and understand before buying SEO services. In our 6 years SEO service experiences, we have found that before starting any SEO campaign, you must keep in mind the following points ;

1. Run Away From Negative SEO sellers, they will do more harm to your website.

2. Spammy links MUST NOT be pointing to your website.

3. There MUST NOT footprints whatsoever, Google can easily detect this.

4. Content used MUST NOT be copied, you would be raising a red flag if this is done.

5. Contents must not be heavily spun.

6. Only a few links must be pointed to your website.

7. These links MUST NOT be spammy.

8. Good SEO provider MUST create good contextual Tier 2 links on every campaign.

9. Good SEO provider MUST not use any software for your Tier 1 backlinks.

10. Social signals MUST be added by a very good SEO provider.

If your SEO provider is not providing all the above or hiding their real methods for you, its high time you fire them and come to CyberSpot. We would happily erase their bad SEO and begin fresh link building for you.

Can't wait to have you on board.

Please Read; Due to the nature of our blogs network, we are not providing PBN report but would surely give a code to track them online when indexed.

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User Ratings

  • yutawei
    yutawei 10 months ago

    it's completed. thank you.

  • angelabaklis
    angelabaklis 1 year ago

    Hello, can you help me with the next steps of correcting these findings?

  • rongnho
    rongnho 1 year ago

    my website still not in first page ,

    • cyberspot

      Ordered 7 links, Delivered yesterday! Kindly check the delivery notes for SERP updates please.

  • Khairulnizam
    Khairulnizam 1 year ago

    Keywords :-

    1. Yayasan ihsan rakyat
    2. Pinjaman Peribadi yayasan
    3. Koperasi Yayasan ihsan Rakyat

  • gwheadon1
    gwheadon1 1 year ago

    Hello. I have not noticed much change on the ranks.

    • cyberspot

      Sorry but 7 links is not enough for "pc repair" keywords. We already advised you what to do. Goodluck

  • MOVIE10
    MOVIE10 1 year ago

    Not good actually

    • cyberspot

      We have different plans for all keywords, you ordered the lowest and expect a miracle with 7 links. Goodluck

  • fangshadow
    fangshadow 1 year ago

    none of the 3 layers tiered links indexed.

    Horse Power links : He gave me 6 links : ( He was saying 7 PBN )

    2 of them from same domain and Not indexed

    2 of them from same domain and the domain is EXPIRED Funny !!!

    Good Job indexed 2 links from 1 domain.

    1 am paying $29 for 2 links from 1 domain that is DA:12.

    • cyberspot

      Expired domains is normal, when it happens, we change with another links. So, there's really no need for all these sir. . . Goodluck

  • BuzzTree
    BuzzTree 1 year ago

    Good job! However you really cant compare our agency website to a reviews website. Our website is much more image intensive and less text. A reviews website is the opposite. Also its proven that keywords in the URL really dont make much of a difference, in fact Google actually began penalizing websites that have keyword specific URLS.

  • BuzzTree
    BuzzTree 1 year ago

    Good job! However you really cant compare our agency website to a reviews website. Our website is much more image intensive and less text. A reviews website is the opposite. Also its proven that keywords in the URL really dont make much of a difference, in fact Google actually began penalizing websites that have keyword specific URLS.

  • LazyPressing
    LazyPressing 1 year ago

    1) Late Delivery
    2) Useless Service - Not even a slight positive change
    3) Seller does not respond after delivery
    4) Poor in English comunication

    • cyberspot

      Sorry we couldn't rank your "clash of clans" keywords with 7 PBN links in 1 week. Weird buyer!!!

  • credit800score
    credit800score 1 year ago

    Ok so what do I need to do from here? I don't understand all this.

    • cyberspot

      We start tracking your SERP movement. I replied your inbox.

  • punaneh
    punaneh 1 year ago


    the looks good and i hope my site will really rank #1 on google, yahoo and bing by this month...

    here is to buying again your service when i get sales....


Buyers Comments

  • quickcolumbus

    How long should I see the result for google seo. Thank you

    2 years ago
  • print6999

    ok can u send me the sample of last 1 month job so that i know it real able get it in 2 to 3 weeks

    2 years ago
  • rohitkadian123

    hey tell me one thing ,
    i am going to make an amazon affilate site . for cellphones, backpacks , earphones etc .
    so do u thing my new and fresh site will be on first page if i buy ur service? do let me know

    1 year ago
  • swapan7730

    Please, check this website tell me what can you do for this? sopnolok.com
    How months its take to page rank google by applying your service?
    And can you please send me the sample of the job done?

    1 year ago
  • vicente07

    Good afternoon,

    I opened a shopify store a few weeks ago and I would like to have it promoted. The store is this: topdesignerbagsoutlet.com

    Keywords: designer bags outlet, louis vuitton outlet, cheap designer bags, prada bags, louis vuitton bags, designer bags for sale, authentic louis vuitton bags, designer handbags, cheap authentic designer bags, gucci bags, louis vuitton handbags, louis vuitton outlet original, authentic bags outlet, prada outlet.

    My website is an online store that sells authentic designer bags at low prices. We especially sell Louis Vuitton, Prada and gucci bags.

    Do you think you could place my website on the top of google and could you please tell me how long it would take?

    Thank you

    1 year ago
  • aborja

    Hi, would it work in a spanish site?

    1 year ago
  • SidSri

    can you increase search volume of a keyword from 0 to 100k+ per month?

    1 year ago
  • ayu99

    I need lots of External backlinks, can you help me?

    1 year ago
  • jatinnehra

    bro https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunny_Nehra i want this page to be on top of search results on search. can u do that

    1 year ago
  • cyberspot

    100% Guaranteed. . . Check your inbox. . .

    1 year ago
  • plinfos

    can u share sample any plus do u provide report.TY

    1 year ago
  • susansavana

    I am trying to build my website. I will contact you when the website ready and use your seo service
    By the way, how long does it take to seo a new wordpress site to first page with keywords below:

    how to lose weight fast,

    best way to lose weight fast

    weight loss tips

    how to lose belly fat

    low carb diet


    1 year ago
  • cyberspot

    Those are highly competitive keywords, would advice on what to do when your website is ready and get results within the first 60days of launching the website.

    1 year ago
  • herr0

    Are these PBN links permanent?

    1 year ago
  • skjonline

    I am considering your services to my website https://npadoctor.com.

    The website is in the Financial category dealing with assisting the npa accounts (defaulted loan accounts) to revive and to defend their mortgages from possession taken by the Bank.

    Also provides loans to business houses and finance the npa accounts.

    The keywords are:
    npa, npa account, non performing assets, sarfaesi, sarfaesi act, business loan, lap, loan for bad credit, loans for bad credit

    Can your service "RANK ONE ON GOOGLE YAHOO AND BING"
    help to put the website at first and second pages of google for the top 10 keywords.

    Shakti Kumar Jain

    1 year ago
  • cyberspot

    Hi there, please check your inbox. . .

    1 year ago
  • grecardosofx10

    Hi friend, I'm sorry for my English, I'm using Google Translate.

    I have a website http://comunicastart.com.br and I would like to be on the first page of Google with the following keywords:

    WhatsApp Marketing

    Divulgação em massa pelo WhatsApp

    Divulgação pelo WhatsApp

    Divulgar pelo WhatsApp

    Vender pelo WhatsApp

    Envio de whatsapp

    Campanhas de WhatsApp

    Publicidade no WhatsApp

    The words are in Portuguese Brazil

    1 year ago
  • munaffazlani

    Hey There!! Cyberspot.
    I have a online painting selling website. www.hyperbrush.com
    For one of my product page :

    keyword: buy paintings online
    page rank: 142

    keyword: paintings online
    page rank: 114

    What you think how much it takes to get rank on 1st page

    1 year ago
  • drmasoud

    are your services monthly of once off

    1 year ago
  • steventhomas

    Im interested in getting your serviceRank 1 On Google, Yahoo & Bing, Kill All Your Competitors Today for $29

    I have just 4 questions for now
    1.) When I give you my company email address do you use it to register on all the sites as login or user-name? ( the reason I ask this is because once on all the sites I would not want to go in and have to update my profile to match my company email address as log in)

    2.) What the completion/delivery time?

    3.) What information about my company would I have to give you?

    4.) How long would it take to rank #1 on Google?

    1 year ago
  • manojsatara

    how much time it will remains in top three position if you rank.

    1 year ago
  • amitgm1989

    my keyword: buy Soundcloud plays and buy SoundCloud comments.
    this plan shows me top 3 positions on Google. or suggest me next one.

    1 year ago
  • mrwick

    hello can you send me some example of your pbn pelase to check it
    im interested about 500 PBN

    1 year ago
  • Ondeko

    Hallo there i want to promote my website which has more than 6 affiliate links on it,am i guaranteed of ROI or sales once i use your method please?

    1 year ago
  • cyberspot

    Guaranteed of sales ? If anyone promised you that, just know you are about to got scammed again. We provide good PBN links here, which, when added to your link building plan, you get top ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

    1 year ago
  • mrwick

    i still wait becouse im interested about 500 pbn

    1 year ago
  • pankajsaini9015

    i am website developer.. i need backlinks for my client website..

    please send me some sample report. so that i can analyse the quality of links before buy.

    drop me mail here- pankajsaini 9015 @ gmail.com

    site- sai baba answers

    1 year ago
  • DanielCrown

    Hello cyberspot,
    Can you shoot my website tightwipes.com to be on 1st page of Google.com search permanently
    and in top 3 of each search term on the 1st page?

    best sneaker cleaner
    best sneaker wipes
    top sneaker cleaner
    top sneaker wipes
    #1 sneaker cleaner
    # 1 sneaker wipes
    wholesale sneaker cleaner

    Please reply me urgent before i place an order.


    9 months ago
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