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This eXclusive SEO Link Pyramid is a new strategy out there, which I have designed by myself. The traditional ways of doing SEO aren't bad, but without a doubt, they are not enough. This kind of Pyramid will get you greater results and more traffic.


Level x Seller
20,000+ Sales
More than 15000+ happy buyers
7 Years of experience SEO consultant
Active 5+ years on seoclerk


Article related to your niche
Human readable article that gets you ranks
Full .xls REPORT on the accomplished work
Penguin 2.0 & Panda Safe
Customer support 24/7

Tier 1:
50 PR1+ social profiles
20 PR1+ social bookmarking
20 trusted web 2.0 blogs
1 edu blog

Tier 2:
200 - 500 wiki links ( awesome )

Tier 3:
4000 - 10,000 blog comments ( superb Link Juice )


10 keywords
Don't order Porn/Gambling sites
You can submit your own articles (Optional)

F. A. Q.

Do you accept non-English websites?
Yes, we do accept non-English websites, but we will use English content with the non-English anchor. It works like a charm.

Do you accept porn, gambling, and illegal websites?
Sorry, we don't accept any porn, gambling, or illegal sites.

Do you create only dofollow links?
Most of the inks will be dofollow and few will be nofollow. A mix of dofollow and nofollow links are always good for your link profile.

What kind of content will you be using?
We use manually spun niche related contents.

What kind of report do I get?
You will get a detailed and complete white labeled report in excel. You will get all tier1 ( no tier2 and tier3 ) links in the report.

Do you guarantee result with a money-back guarantee?
I wanted to make this section extremely clear. We are not selling guarantees that you will hit #1. SEO should be treated as an investment. Whilst we want it to work out for you, you need to realize that sometimes it doesn't always go that way. And nope, there is no refund.

User Ratings

  • ilay
    ilay 15 days ago


  • kudujuce
    kudujuce 27 days ago

    This is my first time working with this seller. He did a great job and communicated well with me about the service. I will plan on working with this seller again soon.

  • BalChirbi
    BalChirbi 1 month ago

    All Links get Deleted.
    No Tier 2:, Tier 3: Reports
    Fake Service

  • qibla
    qibla 1 month ago

    good job, thank you!

  • qibla
    qibla 1 month ago

    good job, thank you!

  • nolanhaff
    nolanhaff 1 month ago

    Well done, very professional services, Excellent work! Thumbs up for this seller!
    Thanks for the professional work including report you have done promptly.
    Trusted seller! Will order more now ;-) Thank you again for your commitment and professionalism. Hope a long-term relationship begins today!
    Recommendation 200 %

  • arzamas
    arzamas 2 months ago

    all good

  • eternaldreamer
    eternaldreamer 2 months ago

    Links arrived in a timely fashion and contained the articles and keywords that were needed. This service is excellent and it does help my SERPs. I approve of this seller!

  • y5zone
    y5zone 2 months ago

    Great work! Thanks for the over deliver links, appreciate.

  • eternaldreamer
    eternaldreamer 2 months ago

    I was provided with quality links that I verified and I know this will help my rankings. I recommend this service and seller to others looking for link building and SEO services!

  • doublepp
    doublepp 2 months ago

    All right.
    In the first time we have some problems with the articles but the seller fix it and re-edited them.

    IMPORTANT: No info about the tier2 and tier3 in the report.

  • ilay
    ilay 2 months ago


Buyers Comments

  • nworthy

    OK , well I was happy with your service last time. If this goes well I will do some more areas of the site.

    3 years ago
  • nworthy

    quick question from an SEO standpoint, do you think applying this kind of SEO to a sub level URL instead of the main URL is a good course of action? Is it as effective as as just applying it to to main URL? The link I gave you was 2 categories deep. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    3 years ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Yes using inner pages is an intelligent seo strategy .
    Keep using different url and keywords every month .

    3 years ago
  • karanes29

    Hi! Do u take Escort Service website? Legal.

    3 years ago
  • Shalini999

    local seo mean country wide, which type of seo you are done, for YouTube or google.co.in because YouTube ranked video is different show on google and YouTube.

    3 years ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Its YouTube SEO, for Google SEO use the $200 service extra

    You have to provide long tail keywords, example is "How to make bucks at seoclerk" or It should at least contain 5 words.

    3 years ago
  • talha123

    My website : http://www.nutribulletrecipes.org/ and keyword : nutribullet recipes . Can you rank that ?

    3 years ago
  • rayman01

    Do you provide german websites ?

    2 years ago
  • kunalvipservic

    hi i want to order this service plz confirm me http://kunalvipservice.com
    this url is eligible for this service or not

    2 years ago
  • hatimhatta

    hello, i am interested in your services, please inbox me

    2 years ago
  • hatimhatta

    hello, please inbox me i am interested

    2 years ago
  • hatimhatta

    Can you teach me how you do this service?

    2 years ago
  • siberia

    can this service for Facebook Fanpage Url ?

    2 years ago
  • gofoodieonline

    hey you will provide 4000 - 10,000 blog comments ?

    5 months ago
  • gxprocord

    can you rank new site in keyword : youtube to mp , youtube to mp4

    4 months ago
  • djalexys

    ¿Necesitas una página web o tienda online para ti o para tu negocio?

    » Cada vez es mayor el número de personas que usan el Internet. Mi filosofía de trabajo es dar un servicio excelente, siendo para ello proactivo y detallista con el cliente.
    » Freelance experto en diseño de páginas web (tiendas online) y posicionamiento web SEO en buscadores. Tengo una larga trayectoria, una dilatada experiencia y una capacidad contrastada en el sector de diseño web y seo. Trabajo en el sector de la programación y desarrollo web. Soy fanático del SEO orgánico, Google y todo lo que lo rodea. Muy critico con todo lo relacionado con la experiencia del usuario y la accesibilidad.
    » Ofrezco productos web profesionales a precios económicos. Mis servicios de diseño web madrid, son la solución perfecta para tener tu página web profesional, con todo incluido. Ideal para autónomos y pymes.


    4 months ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Please use English. We can't understand your words.

    4 months ago
  • saputrad

    Hi, is this still available?

    17 days ago
  • dm4e

    hello. send sample report please

    17 days ago
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