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Get 8000 High DA Contextual Backlinks by 3 Tier SEO Campaign for Rank Your Website


The world’s first gambling site appeared about 20 years ago. The main reason for the gambling transfer from offline to online was the ban on the organization of gambling zones in many countries. The owners of such establishments were punished with a large fine with the closure of the business.

Now it is difficult to imagine watching a movie without casinos advertising online. How to promote such sites effectively using links if neither submissions nor guest articles work here? In this article, we will tell you about the main difficulties of link promotion of gambling sites and how to get to the top of search engine results using crowd marketing.

Features Of Link Building For Gambling Sites

You cannot promote gambling sites using submissions and guest articles. Why? While registering a gambling site, not a single owner of such a site will indicate the physical address of the company’s office, phone number, or personal mail. The same is true for guest posts. Not every online publication or blog will undertake to post material with an active link to an online casino. This is a gray niche and for the donor, it is dangerous to refer to it. However, the situation is not that desperate. There exist ways that can help you promote your website smoothly and organically if applied correctly. One of such ways is reviews and ratings of gaming sites on specialized platforms. Gambling sites have unhealthy competition. Today their number is insane, they are similar to each other and the only thing that distinguishes them is the level of reputation.

Link Building

If you are serious about the search engine optimization of your gambling site, you need to focus on external SEO. Getting links for your site is part of the off-page strategy that will surely work if done correctly. Link building aims to create backlinks or hyperlinks on other websites that point to your website. Backlink strategy for gambling sites: Getting a backlink takes regular effort. For a link building strategy to work positively on your gaming site, you must ensure that: Links are generated from trusted sites. The spam score of these sites should be as low as possible. The referring sites need to have some organic traffic. The correct anchor text is used to link to your specific page. Link building is basically like an ad that generates referral traffic and is also a trust factor.

Did you know that backlinks are a MAJOR seo factor?
Getting Visit is VITAL for the success of you website. visitors can be achieved by paid advertising or by SEO Ranking. Paid adverting is expensive so seo is the most affordable and effective way.

But SEO ranking has changed a lot in the last year You tried sending thousands of links to your site and NEVER moved a place?

That is because the old methods don't work anymore.
Now the content of backlinks you build must be related to the keywords you are targeting.

That way the authority passes from a layer to other until it reaches your site.

Tier 1= This tier includes Contextual Backlinks
Tier 2= This tier includes Profile & Article Backlinks
Tier 3= This tier includes Mixed Authority Backlinks

NOTE: if you place for the mentioned link then we will convert the order 5500 Contextual 2 Tier Backlinks Cuz we can't provide article category, we accept only below category website.

  • Business
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • News
  • Society & culture
  • Games
  • Gambling (Casino, poker, judi, slot, etc)


What I will do for you is a 3 Tier Campaign with a total of 8000 backlinks.
It will work like this: Your Website - 1000 Tier 1 Links > 3000 Tier 2Llinks > 4000 Tier 3 Links

What I will do for you is a 3 Tier Campaign with a total of 12,000 backlinks.
It will work like this: Your Website - 2000 Tier 1 Links > 4000 Tier 2Llinks > 6000 Tier 3 Links

What I will do for you is a 3 Tier Campaign with a total of 24,000 backlinks.
It will work like this: Your Website - 3000 Tier 1 Links > 5000 Tier 2Llinks > 8000 Tier 3 Links

So only the Tier 1 will point directly to your website while the Tier 2 will link to the Tier 1 & as well as T
ier 3 will link to the Tier 2.

This is the most reliable and most natural backlink service that Google loves, for sure! Soar your website in the sky of the web visit, Pyramid will build a network which will act as a switch gate for the visitors. High quality 2 Tier backlinks that can help you rank on top of Google, and bring more visitors and revenue.

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website url (1 link per order)
Keywords: (1-3)
Your website category

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : What are actually "BACKLINKS" and why do I need them?
A : Backlinks are mentions of your website, under keywords, on other websites. Having backlinks is mandatory for any website that wants to rank higher. When you build backlinks the popularity of your website increases and you have bigger chances on ranking in search engines for the keyword you target

Q : Do you accept non- English's websites and keywords?
A : Yes! But content I will use for articles will be in English's

Q : Do you accept adult or pharmacy websites?
A : Yes, we accept any link.

Q : Does my site can actually rank in Google?
A : Yes, your website can rank in Google depending on the competition you choose.

Q : Do I get a report?
A : Yes, you can get a detailed report.

Q : Are the links related to my niche?
A :Most of the websites where your site will get linked to are related to your niche.

Q : Will your work penalize the website?
A : Our work will be safe for your site as we provide white hat services. So it will be completely safe.

Q. How can I rank My website in top google results?
A: It is the most effective for defined budgets.

Note: Getting a weekly/monthly campaign according to your budget will rank your site in Google 1st page in 1 ~ 6 months (some sites ranked in 1st page in less than 2 weeks), According to many factors such as Domain/page authority, Keywords competition, "very important", On-site optimization, Domain age, Current rank & many other factors.

We Accept only 1 website & 1-3 keywords per order)

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!




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