Rocket SEO Flight Site on the 1st Page on Google. Ukrainian Exclusive method for $70

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Rocket SEO Flight Site on the 1st Page on Google. Ukrainian Exclusive method

The method is taken from abroad, is incredibly effective and completely safe! (June update package 2019)

Your site and keywords will surely enjoy our exclusive “SEO pyramid” (the best and most effective method just doesn't exist today), consisting of:

1. Manual articles (blogs) - 10 blogs

2. Profile links - 1000 links

3. Social links (Facebook, VK, Twitter) - 30 High PR Social Bookmarks

4. A large number of other links (from around the world) - 3000 Backlinks Pointing

5. Secret linking sauce (purchased from foreign SEO experts), which multiplies the power of impact on keywords. (in the report, for obvious reasons, it will not be attached)

This creates a large spring that simply pushes your keywords into TOP Google and Bing.

You will begin to see results after 3-4 weeks !!! Your website will begin a quick journey to Google 1 page.

The rate at which your site takes off depends on how optimized the site is for your keywords!

These Multi-Tier Links will be connected with your site and Build the more link Juice to get more authority,

If you have any question before you start to order, please feel free to ask us via PM or just use the box below….

The FAQ (Must Read)

What do you need from me?

Give me 1 URL and 1-3 Keywords max.

For URL provide us with your main domain and 2 more important pages you wish to ranks for. For keywords try to use long tail keywords more than short term keywords. make sure all URL you provide is from the same site. If you need help with picking long tail keywords please tell me. We will help you!

Is it Safe?

Yes, It is 100% Safe as the whole process is done manually and all of the links are from High authority Domains only. such as websites by Google: Adobe, Wordpress, Vimeo etc. places where the links cannot be considered unsafe.

What is the DA, PR, UR?

Domain Authority (DA) it’s another metric like PR, the more the better, max is 100. Provided by Moz. and Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR) are the metrics Ahrefs uses to rate the backlink profile of a website.

What is the quality of your links? And the DA/PA or DR/PR?

** Our all links will be from minimum DA/PA or DR/PR 40+ Domains. We do give importance to High METRICS because one High AUTHORITY link means one vote in Google’s way to support your sites.

Your Links are Do-follow?

I will keep a natural mix of do follow and no follow backlinks, getting only do-follow backlinks does not look natural for Google, you need all type of backlinks. You may think Nofollow Links will not pass link juice but It is still useful for rank.

Do you build anchored Links only?

We do mix, The websites allow anchored Links we create and sometimes we keep a variation of using URL and Anchors. we don’t use anchored links,

Will I get to the first page of Google?

Ranks Depend on minimum 300 factors and If your site has other factors in okay, like quality content, user-friendly website, social activity, age, and your niche is not very competitive, it’s possible to get to the first page. *Applies only to Premium package. (Please note that: This is not a guarantee)

When I can start seeing Improvements?

You should see minimum Improvements within 45 days after the delivery… Google takes its time. We can not force much on this.

Will you do indexing for me?

Yes! We will submit all backlinks we create to our premium indexing service, links will be getting indexed slowly within 30 days, so again, we make everything to look perfectly natural in Google’s eyes!

What method do you use?

We only follow Google webmaster guidelines to rank your site and set our strategy!

Do you support all Niche Websites?

Yes! We do provide support to all Niche Websites.

Do you work for Non-English Websites?

Yes! We do work for all language websites!

Can I order it for my New Websites?

Yes! It is a 100% safe method of working, You can rely on us!

I had bad experiences with my past SEO Guys, What’s the difference with your Service?

All SEO Services are aimed at improving your search engine ranking. Some of the SEO personals/agencies don’t know the right method or always looking to earn money so they do it wrong with the software. But with the services I provide, almost 100% of the work is done manually by my specialized trained SEO Team.

What are the benefits when I buy your package?

You will get more visitors to your site and visitors mean more leads and more sales. Research proved that a First page Google Ranking can get up to 100% more traffic than the rankings of the 2nd pages. However, I can’t promise visitors or sales. What I can promise though is better visibility of your site and because of this more traffic is likely to visit your site.

Will your service help me to make more money?

As a result of a better ranking, you are in a better position to get more traffic. More traffic can bring more leads, and this will bring you more sales and….. Ultimately more money!

How long will it take you to deliver my order?

I will start the order within 24 hours and you should start seeing improvement from 7 days onwards.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, due to the high value of this package compared to what you pay I can’t offer you a refund at this moment.

Who are we?

We are dedicated specialised SEO and Digital Marketing Agency ranked for over 100 websites in the last few years and helped our clients to scale-up their online business and changed their life! And have tons of happy customer!

Oww, I am Interested, How can I order?

It's easy and simple, scroll down the page and see ORDER NOW button below/top each package, Just press and clear the payment and Give input on my needed information. within a few minutes, somebody will say Hello! Have a nice day


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