• give u info of web email server to send Millions Of Emails in Just One clicks
This web emails marketing was provide both autoresponder and web email sender .
You can delivery the emails from thousand to Millions emails from their server. No need to install bulks emails software , No worries about SMTP,No worries about IP rotation as SMTP . Buy this service and you will know... Is nothing better than this .

User Ratings

  • brogangan
    brogangan 6 months ago

    Thank you for an excellent job done, I'm completely satisfied.
    I will come back
    Thank you also for all Bonuses delivered, good.

    All the best
    Benny Brogan

  • jwdudley
    jwdudley 2 years ago

    Free products for the handicapped at www.deafhearusa.com

  • hansboog
    hansboog 5 years ago

    I complained about their services. But we discussed it and they resume. We are possitive now.
    It was a communication problem.

    • ulfihana

      this is not my fault of communication because i also use the services from that website.. i am really satisfied about it. So please if any problem is not my fault , just discuss with that website , they will asist you as soon as possible. No worry ..

    SANTORINI888 6 years ago

    ok but not that i was waiting

    • ulfihana

      this buyers was superb, which is he know this tools is really good and worth it to buy ..

  • highcloud12
    highcloud12 6 years ago

    The seller promise a server to send 1 million for $7 (he said: "The price was as low as $7 monthly") . That's a lie! To send one million emails from that server costs $410 ! It is a common price, higher that many others. So, this offer is just a scam, the seller cheats his clients, unfortunately.

    • ulfihana

      i am really sorry , maybe when you want to buy the price was increase . $7 was is a trial price that they offer last time

Buyers Comments

  • hansboog

    Paid 400 Euro for 1 month. After about 24 hours message "~Hmm, kwiksilver.aknes2u.info isn't loading right now." and nothing happens anymore! Some promises, like no worry, we fix it. But after days no reaction anymore and no service, so 400 Euro gone!
    Don´t trust this!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  • ulfihana

    this is misunderstanding, so please see the above feedback , which is the buyer admint that he fault..he get their server already ..

    5 years ago
  • ebcommz

    Is this service still available???

    2 years ago
  • ulfihana

    yes, but remember this is just info.

    2 years ago
  • palomarouen

    hello I would like to campaign for a dating site

    3 months ago
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