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This Blog about vacation on cruise boat. Advice and review of cruise,why we have to choose this kind for vacation.
Vacations can be exhausting. Passports must be checked for validity. Flights need to be booked, and while you're searching for the cheapest possible flights, you know the fares are only going to go up.And then there's the airport. Checking in, hauling carryon and kids through security, removing shoes and belts, taking laptops out of bags, and then repacking everything as the business travelers wait impatiently in line behind you.Next comes the flight. You're crammed into a small space in an uncomfortable seat, forced to deal with rude passengers who recline their seat into your lap without notice.Lastly you have the pushing as everyone tries to get off the plane at once and the long wait for your baggage, followed by the desperate search for a taxi.Finally you arrive at your hotel exhausted, jet lagged and starving. Happy holidays!
Just think about this.

Limitations - What the blogger will and will not write about.
But what if there was a different way?Cruising is the fastest growing part of the travel industry. More and more people are realizing that vacations should be about relaxation, and as the TSA and airlines continue to make flying as difficult as possible, going away for the holidays can seem far too stressful and expensive.Cruising is different though. There's a reason why we here making a posts on weekly basis about cruise.


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