Google data or Looker studio expert for dashboard and report for $20

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Google data or Looker studio expert for dashboard and report

Google Data Studio, without a doubt, is a top data visualization tool on the market today. It got its top rank due to a number of factors, including native connection to other Google Suite products, ease of sharing among coworkers, intuitive data dashboard creation

If you're seeking proficient data visualization services to analyze your business data and transform raw reports or datasets into visually insightful representations, I'm here to help. I specialize in crafting interactive dashboard reports using tools like Looker Studio or Google Data Studio. I leverage my experience and expertise to deliver top-quality work, ensuring your data is converted into clear and understandable reports and dashboards.

Why is Dashboard Visualization Necessary?
"Improved Clarity and Readability of Raw Data."
"Time-Efficiency and Enhanced Forecasting."
"Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)."
"Facilitating Informed Decision-Making."

Why Choose Looker Studio (Formerly Google Data Studio)?
"Looker Studio (Formerly Google Data Studio) Offers Free Usage."
"It's Among the Top Data Visualization Tools Available."
"Seamless Data Visualization Dashboard Sharing."

"My Action Plan:"
"I Will Develop an Interactive Looker Studio (Formerly Google Data Studio) Dashboard Visualization."
"I Will Incorporate Customized Filtering Features as Needed."
"Connect to Various Data Sources Including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads Insights, Excel Sheets, Google Sheets, and Public Data. Integration with Platforms such as Google and YouTube Analytics and Search Console."

"I specialize in crafting Data Studio dashboards and reports utilizing data from a variety of sources, including:

  1. Google Analytics and GA4 Dashboards
  2. Google Search Console Dashboard
  3. Google Ads Performance Reports
  4. Google Tag Manager
  5. Google My Business
  6. YouTube Analytics Dashboard
  7. Facebook Ads Dashboard
  8. SEO/SEMrush
  9. Excel/Google Sheet Dashboards
  10. Sales/KPI Reports
I can create comprehensive data visualizations and insights from these sources to help you make informed decisions and monitor your performance effectively."

Package Name “Fundamental” “Typical” “Exclusive”
Pricing USD $ 20 USD $ 55 USD $ 120
Package Coverage Google Data Studio Simplified Dashboard Data Studio - Interactive Dashboard Data Studio Automated Dashboard
Scope of Work" Create or modify 1 simple dashboard with 1 page & 1 data source or Quick Support 1 dynamic dashboard with 1 or 2 data source + calculated field + 10 Charts Multi-page fully automated and professional dashboard with complete set of advanced functions
Data source connectivity YES YES YES
Web embedding YES YES
Interactive/animated visuals YES
Dashboards 1 1 01
Revisions” 1 2 03
Delivery Time 03 - Days 04- Days 06- Days

Special Offer “Fundamental” “Typical” “Exclusive”
Days 02 - Days 02 - Days 03 – Days
Extra Charges USD $ 20 USD $ 50 USD $ 150




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