complete optimise your Wordpress SEO for $20

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complete optimise your Wordpress SEO

This offer uses the latest techniques and optimizes your site for the latest search engine algorithms to bring your site in line with Google's
guidelines & best practice.

I will setup and configure several systems to improve your WordPress website's SEO:

➡️ Optimizing Meta tags, including title, keywords and descriptions
➡️ I perform keyword (search query) analysis
➡️ Install and configure the All-in-one, Yoast, or other preference you
have for a Wordpress SEO plugin (I will make a recommendation if you
don't have a preferred plugin)
➡️ I will also configure the social meta tags, for improved social media interaction.
➡️ I manually optimize these tags for all relevant pages based on the content of each page/post
➡️ Install accelerated mobile pages (AMP) plugin so you’re in line with Google’s latest recommendations
➡️ Improve your image tags
➡️ Add schema markup (Structured Data) for your logo, general business information, phone number (if appropriate) etc.
➡️ Ensure your H1, H2 and H3 tags are being used effectively
➡️ Setup and configure a sitemap.xml file, and submit it to Google
➡️ If appropriate, configure Google to maximize your search results for a particular country or geographic region.
➡️ Ensure any robots.txt file is configured correctly (most WordPress sites do not have optimal settings)
➡️ Make sure your URLs are search engine friendly (and human readable)
➡️ Ensure your social network profiles are linked too

Afterwards I will send you details of the work I performed and will also
share with you my short e-book--"Ongoing SEO Success" which explains
SEO concepts and gives concrete examples to help you continue to climb
the rankings.

This is entirely "White-Hat" work. I do not do anything to try to trick
Google - I give search engines exactly what their guidelines ask for.


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