I will do on page seo audit and give you report for $10

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I will do on page seo audit and give you report

Want your website to rank higher so you can increase traffic and make more money, but don't know where to begin? My service can definitely get you headed in the right direction - directly north in the search results.

These days, Google relies more and more on content and onsite optimization when deciding how to rank your website. User intent is essential right now, so your website needs to provide one of the best solutions to the searcher's question or keyword to rank well and scoop up that valuable traffic that everyone is after.

I have over 8 years of SEO experience, and I have never seen a piece of software that does such a great job of not only analyzing the competition but then creating a blueprint for you to follow to climb to the first page of Google. This audit will let you know exactly what you need to change to your page to rank higher for your target keywords.

Here is one of my client keywords (Marked circle) Ranked after On-page audit

If you know SEO, you know that onsite optimization is only one piece of the puzzle. Your speed needs to be rock solid, and your offsite needs to be on point as well.

On-Page Report:

  • Content Structure
  • Content-Length
  • Number of Headings H1 - H6
  • NLP Entities Coverage
  • Page Speed
  • Keyword Density
  • NLP Sentiment
  • Referring URLs
  • Referring Domains
  • Meta Tags Structure
  • Number of Images
  • ALT text Tags
  • Missing Backlinks
  • Word Count
  • Words in Paragraphs
  • Words in H2 - H6
  • Words in Strong/Bold
  • Exact Keywords
  • Number of Elements
  • Number of Characters in the Title & Meta Description
  • Natural Language Processing
  • LSI Keywords
This audit will help you to change your page to rank higher for your target keywords. Feel free to order.


1. What is NLP in SEO?
NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. NLP is essentially the process that Google has incorporated to better understand the main keywords or phrases on a page by looking at the content surrounding them.

2. What happens after fixing the on-page SEO of your page?
Once you fixed on-page SEO, you will need to resubmit your URL to Google Search Console.

3. Does your gig guarantee a first-page ranking on Google?
While it will produce significant gains for existing pages and impressive debuts for new pages, I cannot guarantee a first-page ranking. This service should improve existing pages or get off to a great start with new pages.

4. Can I reach the first page based purely on optimized content?
It is possible to reach the first page of Google with well-optimized content alone, but not for competitive keywords. Your onsite SEO needs to be in good shape along with the cont, your technical SEO needs to be solid, and a strategic offsite SEO plan is highly recommended.


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