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Principle of Communication
In Telecom network conventionally each user is connected to the Telephone exchange
individually. This dedicated pair starts from MDF, where it is connected to the
appropriate Equipment point and ends at the customer premises Telephone. (With
flexibility at cabinet/pillar/distribution points DPs).
The connectivity from exchange to customer premises is called “Access Network or
Local Loop”, and mostly comprises of underground cable from exchange up to DP’s and
insulated copper wires (Drop Wires) later on This type of Access Network does not
require separate Authentication of customer before extending services. Whenever the
cable capacity has reached the maximum additional cable is laid to augment the
capacity. Even though there are advantages in introducing wireless connectivity in
Subscriber’s loop, we have to tackle certain issues Viz,
1. Duplexing methodology.
2. Multiple Access methods.
3. cellular principle or reuse concept.
4. Techniques to cope with “mobile” environment.

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