Diigo 120 social Bookmark on Social site with top rank result top google ranking service 2019 for $5

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Diigo 120 social Bookmark on Social site with top rank result top google ranking service 2019

Why Diigo for Social Bookmarking?

Diigo is one of many social bookmarking services. So why would a user choose Diigo? Even more specifically, why would a
student or educator choose Diigo?

Diigo has many unique features that make it stand out among other social bookmarking services:

  • Diigo allows users to annotate webpages. Other social bookmarking sites let users save a website title,description and to tag the website with relevant keywords. Diigo does
    this, but also lets users highlight portions of a webpage, or to add a
    virtual "sticky note" on the website. And the annotations can be made
    available to the entire network to help other users.
  • Diigo saves a screenshot of webpages. This can help users to remember what the page looked like previously, especially if the page was changed over time.
  • Diigo users can create lists of websites. This helps users to organize their bookmarks around a topic.
  • Diigo users can join groups of users. Users can join numerous groups around a field or topic, and the group can be used to discover new bookmarks of relevance.
  • Diigo bookmarks can be automatically exported to Delicious is the grandfather of social bookmarking. When a Diigo user saves a
    bookmark, the title, notes and keyword tags can be saved in both Diigo
    and Delicious, so a user can be a part of both social networks.
  • Diigo allow teachers to create and manage student accounts. As noted above, Diigo has many tools that aid in storing, documentingand recalling information. Many educators and students have found this
    to be useful for research and learning. Recognizing this audience, Diigo
    has created for managing a classroom social network.


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