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How it works?

Over the years, we have created many social networks and websites with tons of traffic. Mainly Social Profiles representing us and private websites in different niches, just give us your URL and we will share it with the correct audience.

What can you expect:
Your video will be shared with massive audience (over 500,000 people guaranteed), interested in what you do, many should click and visit your video, if your video is engaging enough you can expect the "viral effect".

However we can't guarantee that you will receive an "X" amount of views, it still depends on the content of the video and what you are promoting.

What exactly we will create?

Level 1 - Video Embeds that will bring organic YouTube views and Likes
  • 250 Guaranteed YouTube video Embeds on our Private Blog Network with final report of posts on the day of delivery - THEY BRING ORGANIC views & LIKES
  • Usually gets some Organic YouTube views if your video is interesting
  • Usually gets some Organic YouTube video Likes if your video content is interesting

This package contains video embeds and brings organic views and likes. We will not deliver until you reach what is promised in this package. Embeds also increase your SEO and they expose your video to a huge amount of website traffic.

Level 2 - Huge Amount of Social Signals, Bookmarks & Backlinks
  • 250 Do-Follow Backlinks from our Private Blog Network of Top Level Domain websites that YouTube Loves
  • 250 Instant Backlinks on 100 Websites from Top Level Domains (3 in 1 service)
  • Description of your video added in the post with anchor links to your video

This package contains instant backlinks and huge amount of social signals that will help you rank your video higher on YouTube search engine and Google and it increases your video rank.

Level 3 - Sponsored Blog Posts + Backlinks from US websites

    • 50 Sponsored Blog Posts on .US News Websites
    • 50 Backlinks from .US News Websites (2 in 1 service - backlink is created with the sponsored blog post)
    • 50 Backlinks from aged .info domains (over 5-10 years old websites)

    This package contains backlinks from American .US news websites for each state and backlinks from aged websites to your video. The .info backlinks are trusted websites on the top of the SERP and they will help you get traffic through the links posted on the website. Together with the Sponsored Posts they will increase your Traffic and SERP.

    Level 4 - High Quality PR9 - PR7 SEO Social Signals from aged pages and profiles
    We will create 50 PR9 to PR7 Social Signals from aged high quality social pages.

    • Includes Social Signals from aged Social Media properties (over 4 years old)
    • Includes Google Plus Posts from aged Google Pages (over 4 years old)
    • Includes Twitter Tweets from aged profile and profiles created in 2016
    • This package contains Sponsored Social Signals that are a very important factor for SEO. Especially when you get them from OLD PAGES WITH BUILT AUDIENCE. The signals your will get are from the Top Social Networks and are PR9 to PR7 - which means huge SERP improvement. They will help you grow your social media presence for your website and maybe even bring some traffic.

    It's useful for:
    • Making your video more popular
    • Improving SEO rankings of videos in YouTube and Google
    • Brand exposure
    • Affiliate marketing advertising
    • Just making more money!

    Terms of Use & Rules:
    • No split, one link per one order
    • You can't use another seller here and blame me if the stuff they did dropped
    • No revisions or refills in case of updates by the website
    • No refunds - video may receive views or likes but they can't be guaranteed. Naturally, we can't control visitor's actions.

    User Ratings

    • nnikju
      nnikju 10 days ago

      Excellent service!
      Thank you Seller QuidTask.

    • mclady
      mclady 11 days ago

      This seller has a service that is excellent! With all of the updates, there a lot of sellers here who are unable to deliver the services as described, or they do and quickly drop!I will use this seller again. Thank you QuidTask!

    • thannish
      thannish 12 days ago

      Report is very clear. Very fast delivery.

      Excellent service.

    • lilcoco
      lilcoco 13 days ago

      Very good and professional work, I highly recommend using this seller for services like this. I was not disappointed with the delivery time and quality of the service. Thank you and I will be buying again.

    • marluc
      marluc 13 days ago

      Wonderful done!

    • mattweil143
      mattweil143 14 days ago

      Awesome service, done in less than 24 hours, quality sites, thanks!

    • vohuyhao123
      vohuyhao123 28 days ago

      toi khong thay link chia se chat luong nao ca

    • zyops
      zyops 30 days ago

      Perfect service bro! THANKS!

    • john33333
      john33333 1 month ago

      Thank you, great job done in timely manner.

    Buyers Comments

    • djgigel

      can u give plays instead of likes?

      5 years ago
    • chance22

      Can you do it for my You Tube channel?

      3 years ago
    • yannterzi

      Hi Steven, I am ok with your service but views are worldwilde ! Is it possible to choose the origin of views ? Tell me if you do this practice and what does it cost. Thank you

      2 years ago
    • QuidTask

      I can do targeted US views, 1000 views for $5

      2 years ago
    • abhe

      Hey there, i placed the order for this service but you are not responding to my queries in the inbox ?

      I'm sorry if you are busy but please do reply back to my queries!

      2 years ago
    • madz280

      is this service still on?

      2 years ago
    • Manko

      if around 20 urls link, can start now and finish within 24 hour?
      (average 6000 veiws per url)


      2 years ago
    • SeoBuilder1

      I need a video to make in to top of youtube wit keyword - Rajinikanth Short Film
      Is it possible....??

      2 years ago
    • receive08

      dont order with this person. i bought from him and i noticed that within 2 minutes my likes went up 30 but i had no dislikes or comments or subscribers or even views. he claims that they are real viewers and when i asked him if they were bots he quickly said that he doesnt like when people question him and cancelled the order. this person is clearly botting your videos the links that he gives to the social network accounts are all botted followers. all 500,000+ followers are all fake because not post he puts gets a like or a share or even a comment. if you had 500,000 followers you would atleast get a like but no they are all botted followers. you guys can find much better people on seoclerks this guy botted my video half way and made my channel look obviously botted. i come on seoclerks not to get bots but to actually have people do REAL SEO not botting. please save your money and time and save YOUR CHANNEL'S REPUTATION by not getting from this guy.

      2 years ago
    • QuidTask

      I have the right reserved to cancel any order i want. You didn't even wait full 24 hours and you started complaining minutes after we delivered.
      You can't judge an order to be completed within a few minutes. You got the likes in minutes, when the post was posted. After your post, we posted 10 more so it's normally for the new posts to get a better reach. And the 500,000 Fan Base is not fake and this can be proven. Whenever we post related content, the Fans like that content. If you look through the posts, you will see that all the related posts have likes and if you check the likers you will notice they are real people.

      You were complaining why you got the likes and i find this weird, if i kept promoting you would also ask why i got views and so on...

      So i decided to cancel. Feel free to use anyone else, i don't feel comfortable working for you.

      2 years ago
    • receive08

      ooooooohh ok so let me get this straight. i got 30 likes in 2 minutes and then it freezes and i dont get anymore likes, i found this weird so i checked the links you sent me and i was at the top of the list the whole time. you trying to say i get 30+ likes in 2 minutes without a single dislike or comment or sub or EVEN VIEWS! and you sitting there with a straight face trying to tell me these are real and not bots. plus i read the part in the message where you told me that i would receive a guarenteed 1000 views and 30 likes. How would someone be able to guarentee 1000 views, how are you going to control wether or not REAL people are going to click on a video no matter how many times you upload that post, you post about 4 posts every 10 minutes how would any REAL followers be able to catch up with all those posts and decide to click on ours? let be logical these are all botted actions and you caused my channel to have a bad reputation. im already getting people asking me why i got 35 likes and only 90 views. if i would of known i wouldnt have purchased. plus the fact that you acted so defensive as soon as i mentioned if it were real people is so suspicious and so obviously the sign of someone worried. by the way you have the same amount of followers and same amount of people you follow. which i found hilarious.

      2 years ago
    • risharde

      This looks like the same guy who I had dealings with... his service was terrible... he got offended very quickly... very strange person to have to deal with

      2 years ago
    • receive08

      dont let his ranking fool you ive gotten a million times better services from level 3's

      2 years ago
    • cmad

      Adsense safe?

      2 years ago
    • Yoot

      Services for facebook and Instagram or not ?Thank you

      2 years ago
    • isalei

      hola se pueden trabajar videos en español?

      2 years ago
    • QuidTask

      Si yo puedo & tiengo muchos clientos de Espana & Latino America!

      2 years ago
    • santos9805

      Do you have public from Brazil ????

      2 years ago
    • santos9805


      2 years ago
    • mlafontaine44

      Hi Steven,

      I recently created a youtube page for my website - my writers are reading the writing - I have google adsense - Is your service adsense safe as i could not find it in the description

      Thanks Mate

      2 years ago
    • Instaeasy

      Hi there, what is the difference between this service and the one named 1000 embeds. This one includes the 1000 embeds right? And all the 4 levels? Embeds, social signals etc? Please hit me up cause i get lil bit confused. Thanks

      2 years ago
    • smartbollywood

      Do you provide YouTube subscribers if yes then what is the charges?

      1 year ago
    • xitzone

      How many view and likes i will get on my youtube vidoes , I have lot of work

      1 year ago
    • yoyoyome

      how good is this for youtube

      12 months ago
    • Shimul1238

      Is this service still available and is it best for kids channel also like art & drawing videos?

      10 months ago
    • J0K3Rx92

      Can i send an sp0tify playlist link to?

      10 months ago
    • xio18

      and i lost my view great work... wtf

      8 months ago
    • MikeyF

      You use to sell this for $1 now you make it $10 ???? with the same content ... WHY ? You want to lose yoir customers ???

      6 months ago
    • slamet85genji

      i have a game youtube channel i want it to come up in search, how can it happen

      16 days ago
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